Custom sports socks that make you feel safe and comfortable

At present, more and more people pay attention to the condition of their bodies. In order to adapt to this situation, gyms, swimming pools and yoga studios come into being, so how to exercise more healthily, which is worth our further thinking, today I will recommend custom sports socks to make everyone comfortable exercise.

Sports socks, as the name suggests, are the socks that people often wear when they exercise. The importance of custom sports socks is illustrated by the fact that teams at many major sporting events customize their team's uniforms and socks. As a non-professional sports lover, it is also a good idea to have your own unique customized custom sports socks (your own smiling face or name), which can not only protect you from being hurt in the process of sports, but also make more friends who are interested in sports. And there may be an unexpected surprise waiting for you - a perfect and sweet love 🙂

So what exactly does custom sports socks do?

First, the general custom sports socks will be added in the sole of the additional half-terry or all-terry than ordinary socks, so as to maximize the friction of the sole of the foot, reduce the possibility of wrestling (Strong exercise is especially important).

Second, custom sports socks are generally made of cotton, polyester, which absorb sweat and also reduce the possibility of slippage.

Third, custom sports socks have better wrap force, wear namely to have apparent wrap on the foot and contractive feeling, such shoe socks follows the foot more, affect crinkle foot feeling more not easily. It can even provide some support to the ankle, and studies have shown that putting more pressure on the foot can boost blood flow and performance.

Four, custom sports socks are generally longer than the service life of ordinary socks because of thicker reasons, some people wear ordinary socks, short of three or five days, long three or five weeks will wear leakage big toe or heel and other positions, but if wear sports socks, three or five months will not wear out.


The custom sports socks that have better motion effect, of course we indispensable need to understand material composition. Custom sports socks to meet different motion characteristics to choose different raw materials, but can be roughly divided into cotton natural fiber and polyester - based artificial fiber.

Cotton, because cotton fiber is natural fiber, also be the fiber that people uses the longest, because this is close skin sex and comfortable go up is best undoubtedly. In addition, cotton fiber has the characteristics of moisture absorption, air inhibition and so on.

Polyester, artificial fiber is mainly polyester, polyester because of artificial synthesis, so there are many variants, but in sports socks mainly highlights two characteristics, one is wear resistance, one is denaturated polyester sweat characteristics, of course, there is an important factor is relatively low price polyester.

Nylon, the design and pattern on general custom socks will choose to use nylon to make, so this also makes socks more ornamental (can be customized according to the customer's different requirements of different logo) and it also has strong wear resistance, good flexibility, but the disadvantage is not sweat absorption, easy to smelly feet.

Elastic fibers: spandex and rubber bands. High quality spandex general elasticity is suitable, good permeability. Elastic life can also reach at least 6 months to 1 year. Also rubber bands, which are more elastic than spandex, last longer.

It's not easy to make a pair of custom sports socks, but just it - a small, unassuming piece of custom sports socks might surprise you. Come and order your own custom sports socks!