Custom Sports Socks Make Your Feet More Comfortable

Sports socks are a kind of socks, also known as thick line cuff socks, shape and general single cuff socks, but the yarn thickness and number of roots, and other single cuff socks obviously different.

Sports socks generally use coarse yarn woven, so thick texture, solid wear-resisting, suitable for sports enthusiasts to wear. Sports socks wear comfortable, can protect the feet when sports. The performance of moisture absorption and perspiration is better than ordinary socks, such named sports socks.

Custom sports socks usually have arch compression in the leg, which are ribbed to improve blood flow in the small legs, relieve muscle soreness, and improve performance.

The sole of the socks is terry, which can absorb sweat and provide comfort. The sock body is dry and has no peculiar smell. The heels and toe of socks will also be thicker to protect the feet better.

Professional sports socks should have a stronger wrapping force, wear on the feet have a significant wrapping and tight feeling, not easy to wrinkle affect the feeling of the feet. Even provide the ankle with the necessary support, and scientific research has concluded that putting a lot of pressure on the foot can improve blood circulation and exercise behavior (the mechanism that compresses socks).

By the wrapping, force extended a pair of excellent sports socks another characteristic: durability, also known as functional life. Sports socks usually last longer than regular socks. Some people wear regular socks when they exercise, and in two or three days or two or three weeks they will wear out their socks toe or heel. But with custom professional sports socks, even those that last a couple of months will not wear out easily.

Main types of sports socks:

Different sports, different sneakers. Sport socks also need to match sneakers. Wearing proper sports socks while exercising will also reduce sports injuries.

Below are some of the most popular sports socks:

1.1 yoga socks

Yoga main practice flexibility, balance, some difficult movements, generally also barefoot practice, so the choice of socks is particularly important.

The sole of yoga socks is provided with anti-slip rubber particles and special anti-slip socks, which can not only effectively prevent yoga practitioners from sliding feet when doing actions, but also effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners.

And with the assistance of yoga special socks, a lot of yoga practitioners will be very easy to master the essentials of some yoga moves, increase the effect of practicing yoga, and a sense of harvest. It is also possible that yoga practitioners may sweat while practicing barefoot.

As a result, the floor or public yoga mat is unhygienic, so using yoga socks is not only effective in maintaining your own hygiene, but also in maintaining public hygiene.

1.2 running socks

Running socks are designed for runners who want fine breathable running socks. Not only do today's high-performance socks keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they also act as pads and support your feet, and running socks provide support and help prevent skidding. The most important thing is to make sure you buy the right size. This will prevent blisters if they are too tight or loose.

Running socks have the following 3 main characteristics:

1. Air permeability, short socks ensure good air permeability. Breathable mesh to accelerate perspiration.

2. Strong support, elastic belt in the middle of the foot to ensure the stability of socks during running.

3. Anti-friction, thickening design for feet and heels.

1.3 ski socks

Skiing has become more and more popular, accepted, and loved by everyone. This extreme sport is characterized by high speed and steep slopes. It's easy to lose your footing in speed skating, especially if your ankle is injured, so choosing the right pair of ski socks is a must.

Ski socks should be worn while skiing. Socks are only suitable for non-ski time wear, mainly because ski boots are high, socks are too low, skin and snowshoes in direct contact with the boots, easy to cause swelling and pain due to friction. You only need to wear one pair of socks when skiing, unless the shoes are a little bigger, you can add a pair of socks to adjust, but wearing too many socks can sometimes affect the feeling of skiing.

Ski socks to choose mid-calf socks, good elastic, should not be too thick, to ensure the flexibility of the sport.

1.4 basketball socks

Basketball socks are divided into two types: mid-calf socks and crew socks. The use of stockings on a basketball court is very different from that on a football court. Football players' stockings reach up to the knees to hold down the front bone of the lower leg. Basketball stockings, which also tighten the calf muscles, offer far less athletic protection than soccer stockings. In other words, many players believe that the leg belly tight after more power, but in fact, this effect is really small, almost negligible.