Custom Socks Shoes and Socks Shoes Match

Socks shoes are one of the most popular items in recent years. Generally speaking, black leggings are very convenient to wear. Black leggings can show the line of legs, and when combined with socks shoes, the overall look will not only lengthen the line of legs but also achieve a slimming effect. Socks shoes can also be worn with overalls and high-waisted shorts for a different look.

Tips for matching socks shoes and pants

Socks shoe pair with leggings

Pair leggings with socks shoes for a succinct, simple, and refreshing look. When choosing leggings, just be careful that the color of your leggings matches the color of your socks shoes.

Black leggings with black socks are the easiest and most flattering combination. Leggings version length is ok, the leg is relatively thin wear leggings will be very good to show the leg line, small girl with such collocation can achieve the purpose of heightening and showing thin.

Socks shoe pair with overalls

Socks shoes can match on a pair of overalls, such collocation purpose is to reduce the visual leg circumference can also show high, whatever the figure scale, are very suitable for this outfit, can easily at the same time, which high waistline loose wide-legged pants can also cover the leg, and the bottoms of cargo pants can be tightened, wrapped in sock's shoe ankle tight feeling connected, look line is more harmonious.

Socks pair with high-waisted shorts

Loving leg-baring girls must not miss it. High waist shorts had higher waist effect, must choose that kind of loose high waist shorts, so that it can be very good cover thigh meat, this time in combination with a pair of socks shoes, socks shoes have a very good wrapping feel, all show the most beautiful shape, can let the foot type ankle and permeability is very good, so in the summer, so wear cool and fashion.

Boys can also wear socks shoes

Socks shoes this is very good, although the boy's feet are bigger, the socks shoes have a very good wrapping feel, so it is a little edge tool, don't be afraid to put on the boys would seem to be very abrupt, boys because itself is larger, the feet must avoid bloated shape, so put on a show little socks shoes to wear loose cowboy wide-legged pants, elastic contrast, simple and fashion. Black short leather jacket collocation brunet jeans go up to black hosiery shoe again, such simple collocation, sedate cool handsome, it is another kind of style.

Tips for matching socks shoes and clothes

A long T-shirt and socks

Socks shoes can be distinguished according to the length of the socks. Just like puma, this kind of super stocking shoes, thick legs are suitable for girls to wear, especially the girls with thick calves.

So if you have great legs, they'll make you look slimmer. If the leg is a little thick, but a more symmetrical leg shape can also be worn, can also play a role in the shape of the leg. The best way to wear these shoes in the summer is with a long T-shirt, paired with a pair of short shorts and long legs in a minute.

T-shirt + shorts + socks shoes

In the summer, it's too common to wear a T-shirt with shorts, so pair it with socks shoes for a stylish look. Also can play of course lower half body is missing to wear a method, the part that the girl with short leg shows leg is a bit more, can show leg longer more.

Pants + socks shoes

Of course, you can wear them with pants, either wide-legged or tights. For example, jeans with wide legs, the upper half of the body with a casual T-shirt, socks with a pair of trendy. When it comes to skinny pants, go for skinny pants. Choose pants that match the color of your shoes and make your legs look longer.

Frock + socks shoes

In recent years, it is popular mix and match styles, which is to mix and match a few pieces of different styles, such as the clothes with sports wind and the clothes that are a little bit more ladylike and sexy. Socks shoes can also be mixed and matched, such as skirt, the most suitable is a dress, can be the popular floral skirt, can also be a cake skirt, sweet and handsome mix and match method to make you fashionable double.

Suit jacket + skirt + socks shoes

There's also a skirt, like a cake skirt, with a simple letter T-shirt on top, and a suit jacket over it, with black socks on your feet, which is a very Han fan and stylish.

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