Custom Socks, Left and Right Socks Customization

When buying socks, many people will find that the socks on the market do not distinguish between left and right feet. Even if the right and left socks are wrong, it’s hard to feel the difference, right? In fact, this is unreasonable. Our left and right feet are different, so our socks should also be different. Socks are customized, and the left and right foot versions are individually customized, giving you better left and right foot experience.

Socks are customized, according to the independent design of the left and right feet, to realize the "differential treatment" of the feet. Such detailed improvements can provide customers with a better wearing experience. In addition to the separate design according to the left and right foot shapes, how to choose the material of customized socks.

The selection of customized socks materials can be divided into two categories: plant fibers and animal fibers.

Plant fiber

1. Cotton socks

Cotton socks are also divided into recycled cotton socks and raw cotton socks. The so-called recycled cotton socks are cotton socks that are woven from recycled cotton products through processes such as rinsing and coloring. Due to the reprocessing of the recycled cotton, the original cotton quality is destroyed and the fiber will be shortened. Therefore, the recycled cotton socks are not wear-resistant and have a poor sweat absorption effect. Some poorly-made recycled cotton socks may also appear discoloration, smelly feet, etc. Happening. Some white recycled cotton socks will have obvious enzyme spots.

The raw cotton socks are made of natural cotton yarn directly woven into cotton socks, the fiber is long, wear-resistant, sweat-absorbent, and not smelly. Some people have foot odor, part of the reason is related to the purchase of cotton socks. Good raw cotton socks can not only absorb sweat but also play a role in sterilization. Recycled cotton socks use recycled cotton products, and there is no guarantee in terms of hygiene. In addition, the cotton fiber is damaged, so it can only play the role of wrapping instead of absorbing sweat and sterilizing.

2. Linen socks

High-quality original color linen is brown, shiny, and evenly absorbing water. The linen is not good in quality, and the linen that has been processed into soft fibers has uneven water absorption and will turn black when wet.

Animal fiber

1. Wool socks

Wool is a very popular natural material for making socks. It is warm and soft and can retain heat even when it gets wet. Unfortunately, wool socks are not easy to dry, and it is easy to wear on the feet (note: new wool materials such as mohair do not have this problem). If some other materials are not added, they can be easily worn out. Blended wool (composed of wool and synthetic materials) is very popular because it solves these problems.

2. Real silk stockings

It feels soft, smooth, thick, plump, has excellent elasticity, has good moisture absorption and air permeability, and has skincare and health care effects. Silk is a protein fiber, and silk carpets woven with silk as raw materials have good UV absorption. Silk is a porous fiber, so it has good heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture dissipation, and ventilation properties, and has a certain protective effect on the skin. Silk is relatively delicate and should be carefully treated to avoid gravitational friction and twisting or dragging forcefully in rough places, which may damage the protein fibers.

3. Chemical fiber socks

The regenerated cellulose fiber uses natural cellulose as the raw material because its chemical composition is the same as natural cellulose but the physical structure has been changed, so it is called regenerated cellulose fiber.

(1) It feels soft and has good luster.
(2) Good moisture absorption and air permeability.
(3) Good dyeing performance.

What functions should the customized socks made of determined version and material have?

Antibacterial and antibacterial function
Super health function
Moisture absorption and release function
Deodorant adsorption function
Thermal storage function
Soft and comfortable function

Customized socks can not only be individually customized according to the left and right foot type, giving people a better wearing experience; customized socks can be selected according to the material you want; customized socks have more complete functions and a better wearing experience.

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