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In recent years, customized socks have become the core products of fashion and are loved by more and more people. These colorful and unique socks can easily match different styles and themes according to the occasion and shoes. Here is a socks custom shop, YINUO KNITTING.

As a personal product, socks have breathability and sweat absorption, which can keep the feet dry, which not only protects the health of the feet but also plays an important role in fashion. Customized socks are beautiful, fashionable, and trendy, satisfying the daily travel and matching needs of the influxes, and fully showing people's personalities and characteristics, which are becoming increasingly important in people's lives.

YINUO KNITTING is not only a socks company and manufacturer, we are a creative team, we can provide your team with perfect customized socks through an easy-to-use website. From a pair of socks to thousands of socks, from students to small businesses, fundraisers, etc... we are here to help you!

YINUO KNITTING was established in 2004. We control the entire process of purchasing high-quality yarns, production arrangements, quality control, and delivery. Because we are a custom socks factory, we can control every process and ensure that every pair of socks is what you expect. We always put our customers first!

YINUO KNITTING mainly has knitted socks and printed socks.

Knitting socks yarn and colors

Ordinary soft cotton yarn and special yarn, including acrylic, wool, nylon, polyester (optional).
We have +1000 kinds of soft cotton stock in stock, which can meet your requirements. Just send us the Pantone color and we will do the rest.

Knitted socks production

Our team has more than 10 years of customized socks production experience, has produced 100K+ various types of customized socks for customers from all over the world, and is equipped with a variety of needle punching machines, knitting and printing technologies, which can be customized according to different The design provides services for different needs.

Printed socks 3D printing

With the most advanced 3D printing technology, we have pioneered a proprietary custom socks printing technology that allows us to digitally print inside the fabric without using cheap alternatives such as dye sublimation. Due to machine limitations, traditional sock manufacturing does not allow complicated designs or more than 6 colors. The result is a high-quality customized sock with bright prints with unlimited colors, which can be displayed no matter how much the socks are stretched or worn.

Printing socks drying and washing

After dyeing and washing, the color of your socks will not fade and they will be softer.

Printed socks packaging

We provide optional custom labels, tags, headers, cassettes, gift boxes, window boxes, etc.

Design the socks you want

Give us the style you want and we can make it! There are too many options for socks. Choose socks according to the style you want to ensure that your socks leave a deep impression. The following are some styles of different styles of socks for your reference.

Knee Socks

That is a bold fashion statement, It can definitely help to protect your legs from injuries. The personalized patterns and colors can be designed on custom knee-high socks. It is suitable for people of all ages and various shoes.

Dress Socks

Custom dress socks are suitable for all occasions, such as leisure places, commercial concourse, and wedding celebrations ceremonies, It can be casual, stylish, solemn, and serious, suitable for all people.

Elite Socks

Custom athletic socks are suitable for all kinds of ball games (such as basketball, football, rugby, badminton, baseball, etc.), you can customize elite socks based on sport types & crowd.

Printed Socks

Personalized photo socks can extremely show your personality and personalized patterns via their own perfect printing advantages.

Custom Logo Socks

Hidden/Invisible Socks

Custom design No-show socks are always a top choice for ballet flats, high heels, canvas, and low cut shoes, which will give you the most comfortable styles.

Baby Socks

Personalized toddler socks are environmental and comfortable, it will better protect the feet of infants, babies, and kids, etc.

Socks custom production process

Socks are fabrics made by weaving, which can partially or completely cover the legs and feet. Chinese socks manufacturers attach great importance to raw materials because it is a very important factor in the quality and performance of customized socks.

When buying, choosing, and manufacturing custom socks at a cheap price, there are some factors to keep in mind. One thing we should keep in mind when choosing the best material for a custom design of socks is blood circulation. We should make sure that it will not be affected. Weather conditions can also be considered when manufacturing or purchasing custom knitted socks. The appearance of the socks is also an essential part of the socks selection process because the appearance of the socks can determine whether the socks will make the user feel comfortable.

Have you ever wondered how Chinese socks manufacturers can make custom-printed socks? The following process reveals how to produce custom socks in a typical Chinese socks factory.

The whole sock manufacturing process involves many steps, and the synchronization between these different steps makes the whole process a waste of time. In general, we will discuss seven steps, which are as follows: pattern coding, yarn preparation, knitting socks, linking/sewing socks, boarding, pairing and labeling socks, packaging. If you want to know the specific socks production process, you can click Chinese socks production process.

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