Custom Sock Shoes

The so-called sock shoes, it is the shoe and "sock" 2 combines for one. The shoes designed with "sock style" dispense with the need to pull the tongue.

The integrated design not only fits and wraps the feet but also makes them convenient to wear and take off. More importantly, it is not necessary to match the shoes by oneself, which gives full marks to fashion degree. It is also a kind of subversive sneaker that is neither leather nor net surface.

It is light and breathable, integrated, soft and close, etc. It can be worn with baggy shorts, black seventh pants, ankle banded pants, formal wear, or with socks folded, meaning socks that rise above the upper of the sock and then pants that rise above the sock, or with shorts to create a natural layer.

What characteristics do sock shoes have?

1. Light and breathable

No need to compare it to leather, sock shoes with air holes all over them are much more breathable than most mesh tops and are lighter and thinner.

2. Integration

Traditional sports shoes are mostly made by stitching together, and the stitching part will rub against the ball of the foot in the process of movement, which is very painful. The integrated design of sock shoes will not create this problem.

3. Soft and tight

A soft vamp will cling to the ball of your foot during exercise, reducing the sore feeling during exercise, and there won't be any grinding problems at all.

4. Delicate touch

Sock shoes can give people a very obvious feeling of knitting technology, the grain is very neat. The hand feels and wear on the feet, all feel very delicate, especially soft.

How do sock shoes match ability good-looking?

1. Loose shorts

In the summer, the simplest combination is of course shorts. Shorts means sock shoes completely exposed, so in a cool and comfortable at the same time, it has a high requirement on body shape and dressing style, especially leg shape, if you have big calves, opt for dark, longer shorts, which are about a sixth.

If you have two perfectly long legs, then you can really control the length of your shorts and your sock shoes.

2. Black seventh pants

Black seventh pants can be regarded as the mainstream item of the style of matching sock shoes, which can not only perfectly highlight the slender shoe shape, but also make the "upper" part of the shoe and the pant leg have a very natural connection, making the collocation more holistic, and also making sock shoes the absolute protagonist of the whole body.

Especially for those who like the current trend of minimalism, pairing it with a solid-color T-shirt is a textbook match for minimalism.

3. Ankle banded pants

Since their popularity, ankle-banded pants have been regarded as the best companion for sneakers, and the same is true for sock shoes. Especially for guys with relatively strong calves, a pair of dark ankle banded pants will not only complement your sock shoes but will also help you keep your legs even.

The bottoms of the ankle-banded pants should be just above the upper, or they can be stacked on top of the upper. It should not be too long and should not be stacked over the upper.

4. Formal dress

A sock shoe is actually a sneaker. It can also be worn with a formal dress. A pair of dark sock shoes can make your formal clothes look formal, but if it's a particularly formal occasion, stick with leather shoes.

5. Fold wear socks

Fold-wear socks are a must-have style to wear with sock shoes, that is, let the sock rise above the upper of the sock, and then pants over the sock, or pair with shorts, to create a natural layer. We can take this as inspiration, to choose socks that are rich in details but not too flashy to complete collocation.

After knowing so much about sock shoes, do you want to buy a pair of beautiful and practical sock shoes? If you think the sock shoes on the market don't suit you, you can choose custom sock shoes.

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