Custom ski socks that allow you to ski more comfortably

The winter solstice is the longest night in the northern hemisphere. Winter solstice means that winter has come. Winter is coming, for sports enthusiasts, means the arrival of the snow season, which will also make the majority of ski enthusiasts extremely excited. For beginners, the basic equipment of skiing: clothes, hats, gloves, skis are all necessary, but one extremely important and easily overlooked piece of equipment is worth noting: ski socks.

The main role of ski socks

Ski socks, as the name suggests, are specifically used to wear socks when skiing. Why wear ski socks when skiing? This question is one of the most frequently asked by ski beginners. In fact the main role of ski socks is: warm, drain sweat, anti-wear, support.

  1. Keep warm

The first is to keep warm. Skiing is an ice and snow sport. So keeping your feet warm is essential. If the foot continues to cool, it can affect the flexibility of the lower extremities, and the feedback to the ski can become slow, which can lead to severe foot frostbite. Some novice can say can wear thick cotton socks to keep warm, actually thick cotton socks is not desirable, because the thickness of cotton socks directly affects the flexibility of the foot, at the same time thick cotton socks is not actually warm. Ski socks are often made of wool and polyester, with warm zones to keep the feet warm. So keeping warm is a top priority for your feet, and ski socks will keep you warm.

  1. Drain sweat

Secondly, it is the function of drain sweat. Skiing is a kind of intense sports, and sweating is inevitable. If the sweat in the feet is not drained in time, it will evaporate. Evaporation is very terrible for keeping warm, because the evaporation process will take away a lot of heat, leading to the rapid loss of foot temperature. Speaking of evaporation will have to mention the cotton socks, cotton socks while wearing comfortable, absorb sweat, but for sports equipment, cotton is the least desirable, because cotton is rely on cotton fiber in the middle of the gap for keeping warm, when cotton under water, the water will enter the space of cotton fiber, will enter but will not be ruled out, want to discharge the moisture in cotton fiber, can only rely on evaporation, will take a lot of heat. So wearing cotton socks after skiing will feel very cold and cold feet, is this reason. At the same time, a lot of sweat gathered in the foot not only feel uncomfortable, but also make the foot in the snow shoe slippage, which is easy to occur dangerous situations. Excellent ski socks will be tightly adhere to the skin while drain the sweat out of the socks in time, to keep the feet dry, and ski socks will have air channel, will be the foot moist hot air out, while the dry air into the snow shoe, always keep the feet dry.

  1. Anti-wear feature

Then there is the anti-wear feature, which is very useful, especially for beginners. Ski socks are very long, some even knee high socks. Ski shoes are boots, and ski shoes are very hard material, so if there is no ski socks to protect the lower leg. The crus and snow shoe ceaseless grope, very easy redness swollen blister, ache feeling can affect you to ski sports enthusiasm directly. Meanwhile, ski socks are specially woven and thickened at the top, toes on both sides, heels and ankles to prevent friction between the feet and snowshoes. And prevent foot blisters.

  1. Support

The last thing to talk about is support. Many ski beginners often choose a variety of protective gear to protect and support the feet, but they tend to ignore the close contact with the skin socks. Ski socks in ankle will weave a high elasticity solid cross ankle band, so that we can tighten the ankle, for its support, to prevent the occurrence of the accidental injury of excessive movement, at the same time most ski socks will join in calf part prevent muscle tremors and promote the blood circulation of layer, to relieve this long ski legs acid hemp feeling.

The main point about the choice of ski socks is actually very simple, mainly see the function of socks and whether the area meets the requirements. Look at the proportion of the material to confirm its warmth and sweat, and then look at the support strip and exhaust groove. There is to see if there is anti - wear layer. Of course, if you want to have more appropriate ski socks, you can choose custom ski socks, after all, not all socks are suitable for skiing, and not just a random stocking can be worn as ski socks. I can recommend Yinuo knitting co., LTD., a custom socks manufacturer specializing in custom socks for many years. Their rich production experience and excellent service quality make their products popular with overseas consumers. If want to go skiing comfortably and safely, you need to customize a comfortable and functional strong custom ski socks to protect your ski career.