Custom school socks that make student feel warm and happy

It is often said that students are the hope of the country and the backbone of the country, because they will take over the baton in the hands of their parents to continue to promote the development of society. Students study hard in school to enrich their minds and broaden their horizon, so as to have a foothold in the society. In the cold winter, in addition to putting on a thick down jacket to keep out the cold, of course, also have to put on warm socks. Students in the school study, the school in order to maintain a good image of the school, generally uniform on behalf of the school uniforms, school shoes and school socks. Today I would like to recommend custom school socks to you.

Generally speaking, custom school socks will have an iconic feature. The school leaders will put the iconic logo or building representing its own school in a prominent position and attach the name of its own school (which is also the most important). This way, when the student goes out, other people can recognize which school the student is from. So this idea reduces the number of other patterns that can be filled in on the socks, which is also one of the reasons school socks don’t many patterns(the other reason is school is a more serious place than other entertainment occasions, in order to cater to this quality, custom school socks should not be too colorful).

The school leaders needs to order a large number of custom school socks and must find a good and honest supplier to save money and ensure the quality of the socks. Here I can recommend you Yinuo knitting co., LTD., which has been specialized in making customized socks for 11 years. They are good at making all kinds of customized socks. Rich experience in making socks and good service concept also make their socks popular among European and American consumers. Thus, choosing them should be a good idea 🙂

Once you have identified the factory, then you can discuss the price and how to make the socks with the factory. Generally, the factory will make corresponding CAD according to the design proof you provided(This process may take some time, after all, some design may not be able to do, may need to modify the design several times), after determining the CAD, they also need to confirm the yarn color. After completing these two preliminary steps, they can officially start making socks. Before starting full production, the factory will produce a pair of socks to let you confirm whether the production can continue, so as to ensure that no mistakes are made, if the sample is approved, the factory will continue to arrange the full production(The average factory produces about 100 pairs a day, the specific situation depends on different factories). After all the socks are finished, the factory needs packing and shipping, which is the most crucial step, the factory will choose the corresponding international logistics express to send your socks, so that you can receive your socks within 5-7 days.

A good pair of custom school socks can not only make children enjoy learning more happily, but also show the spirit of the school. Come and order custom school sock for your school!