Custom running socks

As we all know, running shoes are very important for running, it can protect the runner's feet, reduce the impact of facing the knee and so on. So a lot of people tend to ignore the socks on the foot protection. In fact, socks this humble equipment also need to be taken seriously. The feet are where you sweat and rub the most when you run, while socks are the middle layer that connects your feet to your running shoes. Good socks can improve your foot's exercise environment and avoid blisters, fungal infections and abrasions. A good pair of running socks will give you a more detailed experience with your feet. Socks are in some ways as important to your feet as compression pants are to your legs. A good pair of socks can give you a great foot feel, breathability, quick sweat and more.

There are many opinions on the choice of socks, depending on each person's habits and applicability. Runners are very loyal, and once they've used a sock that feels good, it's easy to get stuck in a habit. But do you know what's important about a good pair of socks?


As with our sports clothes, reject cotton.

When you run short distances, you may not notice too much. But once the running distance gets longer or the weather gets hot or humid, you'll find that cotton socks absorb a lot of sweat and are prone to blisters, and that wet conditions are very bacteria-prone.

Today, most running socks are made of synthetic fibers such as spandex and polyester, which will keep your feet relatively dry and comfortable.

Synthetic fibres are not the only option, of course. Merino wool (natural fiber) will be added to some running socks suitable for long-distance running, which has a good effect on regulating foot temperature, sweat and odor.


The thickness of running socks can do three things:

1.Make every step of your run softer. It makes sense that the thicker the sock, the more cushioning it will have, reducing the pressure on the feet and knees.

2.Reduce the appearance of blisters. Some running socks are thickened in areas prone to blisters, such as the foresoles or heels, to reduce the risk of blisters.

3.Fill the extra space in the shoe. The ideal running shoe is one that sticks tightly to your foot. Therefore, we usually choose the most suitable size and tie the shoelace before running to get the best effect of running shoes. But sometimes running shoes don't do as well as you'd like. So a pair of thick socks will fill the extra space and help your feet stay in the shoe.


In most cases, the length of your socks can be as long as you want, depending on your running shoes or pants.

However, it is important to note that some running shoes (such as cross-country shoes) will have a higher uppers, and the length of the socks should be correspondingly higher (preferably higher than a certain length of the uppers), otherwise the exposed part of the skin will be easily worn out by the shoes.

In cross-country running, because of the road environment is more complex, stockings help to stay away from the skin, such as dirt, and prevent plant scratches or abrasions.

fit the feet perfectly

Fitting feet refers to the fact that socks do not slip or wrinkle during running.

Because running is a long, alternating movement of the feet, any slight discomfort in the foot will be magnified. Once there is slippage or wrinkling, it will be easy to appear abrasions, foot abrasions or blisters and so on.

Therefore, some running socks will contain spandex in the material, and the addition of elastic fabric has a stronger feeling of wrapping the feet, and has a certain compression effect, which can improve the performance after exercise and during exercise. Some compression running socks are also redesigned for specific positions.

If you're a dedicated runner, it's important to have a pair of running socks that fit you. If you find it difficult to find running socks on the market, you can choose to buy custom running socks. Here I would like to recommend Yinuo knitting co., LTD., a manufacturer of custom socks, which has been engaged in the production of custom socks for many years. Their excellent service concept and professional experience in the production of customized socks have also made their products exported to overseas markets and deeply loved by overseas consumers. So you can choose them to customize your running socks.