Custom professional badminton socks

To play badminton, in addition to a hand-matched badminton racket, the foot of the badminton shoes, a pair of professional badminton socks is also essential, because badminton movement for footwork movement requirements are very high. Players have to repeatedly start, move back and forth, brake, etc., so the requirements for socks than the general sports much higher. When buying professional badminton socks, must not choose ordinary sports socks, and should choose professional badminton socks.

Characteristics of professional badminton socks:

Ordinary socks are a necessity of our life, so compared with ordinary socks, professional badminton socks have what characteristics?

  1. The material of professional badminton socks is mainly cotton

The advantage of custom cotton socks is soft, friction, sweat absorption. Softness ensures good protection of the toes; High friction ensures that your feet don't slide inside your shoes because your socks are slippery, which can damage your toes. Absorbing sweat can reduce the sweat odor of feet and extend the service life of sport shoes.

  1. The sole of professional badminton socks is thickened

Badminton players move a lot on the court, frequently starting, braking, kicking off and so on, the friction between socks and shoes is very much, so it is necessary to thicken the sole of the socks to ensure the service life of the badminton socks, and the thickened sole of the feet also played a role in shock absorption and protection.

  1. All professional badminton socks have no stitches

Professional Badminton socks do not have protruding seams. Many ordinary cotton socks are stitched at the front of the socks. This seam not only reduces the strength of the socks, but also often makes the toes uncomfortable. The overall formation of the badminton socks, to ensure the shape of the socks with the foot of the fit, while eliminating the socks may be harmful to the foot.

  1. Professional badminton socks will reinforce the ankle

Ankle is a part of the injured easily, if the rhythm too fast when playing badminton, ankle injury easily, badminton special sports socks in his foot and ankle elastic cotton reinforcement, thick but very breathable, and with the fit of the shoes is very compact, very comfortable to wear, regular sports socks compared with sent a lot, so it is highly recommended to wear this kind of socks when playing badminton.

  1. Professional badminton socks have unique knitting skills

The tiptoe of athletic socks, heel place is thickened, the force of heel is the biggest, and tiptoe is relatively weak place, special protection is necessary. On the feet with three different weave, first in the upper ankle with horizontal weaving, easy bending, stretching, then there is an elastic band with ring reinforcement above and below the arch, and on the top of the mesh weaving method is used to tiptoe, to enhance permeability, followed by another part using the latest Y word cut, can increase the elasticity of heel, no sliding, at the same time add a layer of the bottom of the towel from toe to heel, absorb sweat, but also to absorb the shock from the soles of the feet, sports leisure is most suitable for!

Professional badminton socks are different from the general socks, the biggest characteristics are generally woven and material two aspects: the heel of the heel of the towel is thickened, the upper part of the foot is breathable mesh, the middle arch position has a non-slip ring, the cuff of the socks has a protective cover, the use of a combed cotton ultra-fine knitting.

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