Custom Printed Socks Wholesale and Custom Socks Bulk

Whether you need team socks or school socks or any organization, wholesale custom socks are of great benefit to you.

Why choose custom socks?

Everyone needs socks.

There will be socks in every closet. Socks are daily consumables. If your brand logo appears on custom socks, you will definitely not be ignored. Well-designed custom socks are a great opportunity to promote or sell a brand, which is smarter than other advertisements.

By designing custom socks for resale, your customers and clients have full control of their brand and personality. Add logos, make stylish designs for a fashion statement, or create promotional items for events.

Custom socks are not complicated.

Custom socks are definitely the most suitable choice in the production of gifts to enhance the company's popularity. We are responsible for all the procedures that need to be worried about in the process of customizing socks. You can order customized socks in one stop. In addition, the socks have low cost and are not easily damaged or deteriorated during transportation. Compared with easy-to-damage handicrafts, socks of various sizes and not easy to damage, which one do you like to customize?

Why choose wholesale custom socks?

First, it is more affordable to buy custom socks in bulk. The more socks you buy, the more money you save. Secondly, the customized socks purchased in bulk give you more opportunities to give out socks as gifts or auction them for charity. If you pay attention to the value and versatility of the purchase, buying custom socks in bulk is a reliable way.

What socks can be customized?

You can choose pattern knitting or sublimation printing.

Knitted socks

Knitting technology is the most common production technology for socks. Yarns of different colors are knitted on a sock at different intervals, and the pattern is formed in this way. Although there are many restrictions on knitted socks (up to 8 colors, the pattern can not be too dense), people like it crazy, sometimes the pattern of knitted socks can also be called art.

Printed socks

You need to know that many shops can turn your photos into sock patterns, and most of them use sublimation printing technology. The factory only produces blank socks, and customized patterns are printed on a printer. Sublimation technology allows dyes to attach to the socks and turn them into patterns. The rapid production and crazy infinite color design make people crazy.

What can we provide?

We can customize socks of various lengths and styles for you, including popular crew socks, knee socks, ankle socks, dresses, sports socks, dresses, and compression socks. All orders are manufactured from scratch, 100% personalized for you, and completely woven from our signature high-quality blended fabrics. Size options include our iconic adult unisex one-size or standard children and American adult sizes. Our minimum quantity is 120 pairs per model (all the same). We have many years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, including making logo socks for sports teams, local clubs, and schools, making exquisite models for fashion designers, manufacturing promotional items for events, and helping start-ups complete the first batch. No matter what you need, we will make sure that your socks look great, just like you imagine.

Custom Design: Any design and any color with knitting or printing (DTG) technology.



Save More: Ordering from the manufacturer directly to SAVE MORE.



Low Minimum: Order now with a minimum starting at just 100 pairs.



Worldwide Delivery: Send your customized socks anywhere in the world in 2-5 weeks.


Products we provide

Custom Dress Socks



Custom Athletic Socks



Custom Printed Socks



Custom Midcalf Socks



Custom Knee Socks



Custom Ankle Socks



Custom Baby Socks



All Other Socks



What is the process of customizing socks?

Now get started to make your custom socks by step.

STEP1: Submit Information Email us the description or photo of your socks.





STEP2: Quote, We will give you the quotation within 24 hours.





STEP3: Place Order Email us the final design and provide the detailed requirements.





Mockup Approval and PaySTEP4: Mockup Approval and Pay You will receive an official PI and mock-up for approval to make payment.





STEP5: Production Once you place an order, our production department will take every pair of your socks seriously.





STEP6: Shipping Have your custom socks delivered anywhere in the world in 2-5 days by DHL/FedEx/UPS




What is the process of wholesale custom socks?

The process of wholesale socks and custom socks is the same.

We provide wholesale socks that are of excellent quality and cheap. Whether you are wholesale in small or large quantities, we can meet your needs.

The main types of socks we provide wholesale are knitted socks and printed socks. After determining the type, you can choose the type of socks you need, such as knee socks, dress socks, elite socks, printed socks, hidden/invisible socks, and baby socks, you can choose all kinds of socks.

We provide wholesale socks and also support customization. We support customization of various personalized socks, parties & events socks, school socks, business socks, sports & team socks.

We ship orders Monday - Friday. Orders generally operate between 24 to 48 hours after being placed.

We ship using FedEx and DHL services.

Yinuo Kitting is a true wholesale manufacturer of custom socks, which means we will make socks for you from scratch according to your design requirements. No matter what you have in mind, please feel free to contact us to find out if we can achieve it and get your worry-free quotation. We do everything about socks, making it easy to customize socks.