Custom printed socks that keep your memory alive

A picture of laughing with a friend, a journey full of song and laughter, a delightful painting, a melodious tune, and so on. They form a river of unforgettable memories.

How do you keep these memories forever? There are many ways, such as writing and recording, what I want to share with you today is printing your memory on socks. You might ask, why does it have to be on socks? Of course you can print it on clothes, you can print it on books, anything you can think of that can be printed. But I think socks are also a good way to express, after all, Santa's candy is packed in socks for children.

Custom printed socks, as the name implies, it is to print the pattern you want to represent onto the sock. You can take pictures of your family pets, family smiles, memorable gifts, and more and then print them on your socks. If you are struggling with what to give your friends as gifts, then ordering a pair of custom printed socks for the your happy friendship is a great idea.

When you have an idea or a memory that do not want to forget, you need to find a factory that specializes in custom printed socks to make your socks. I recommend you a custom-made socks Chinese factory for 11 years - Yinuo co. LTD. Rich experience in stocking making and high quality service concept enable them to maintain a prosperous working state for 11 years, so choosing them can be a good idea for you 🙂

When you have a smooth contact with the manufacturer, then you can send your photos and ideas to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will make the corresponding CAD according to your design. But at first, the manufacturer needs to make the blank socks, and most the blank socks use polyester yarn for the main materials, therefore it may not be as comfortable as cotton socks. However, because this kind of material is cheap and durable, it is also popular among consumers. After the blank socks are finished, the factory will use a special printing machine to print the pattern and logo you want on the socks through CAD(generally speaking special inks are used for printing), and then wash the socks and air and dry them for packaging. Through this series of processes, your custom printed socks can be shipped successfully, the manufacturer will send your socks to you through international logistics. Under normal transportation condition, it usually takes 3-7 days to receive your customized socks.

Good and sweet memories are forever fixed on your socks, you can not only collect them yourself(Custom printed socks made from an annual family photo), but also transfer them to your friends as a memorable gift(Custom printed socks made from pictures taken with friends once a year). Everyone knows that good memories are worth keeping, so coming and finding a wonderful backup copy of your memory! Good luck for you 🙂