Custom Printed Socks, 8 Kinds of Socks Matching

The printed socks are romantic and beautiful, with a variety of brightly colored printed patterns, presented on the socks in different designs, showing a royal romance. Custom printed socks, a romantic journey.

The beautiful and fashionable printed socks have become the fashionable protagonist in socks. Now let’s introduce 8 kinds of socks, including printed socks, that will make you look good and creative, and turn on the dominating screen mode that shows beauty.

Langmei Aesthetic: Printed Socks

Printed socks to wear

The first one to introduce is of course our protagonist, printed socks. The printed socks are romantic and beautiful, and the printed embellishments make the printed socks used frequently in wear. The socks decorated with prints have a unique retro aesthetic style. A variety of brightly colored printed patterns are presented on the socks in different designs, showing the romance of the palace style.

These printing patterns have no fixed texture, or art, retro, or intellectual. It is also with this little bit of printing embellishment, so that the whole pair of socks presents a little surprise feeling.

Youthful and playful: striped socks

Striped socks

In addition to printed socks, striped socks are also very popular. Earlier, through the show, various street fashion brands launched a large number of autumn and winter series of striped socks, whether it is long or short, everything. It looks very youthful and playful visually.

For those young and beautiful girls who follow the literary route, striped socks are a kind of socks with academic style memory, which can be easily worn to reduce age.

Variety and Smart: Piles of Socks

Pile of socks

Maybe you never thought that socks also have a cute side. Until the emergence of piles of socks, people's understanding of socks was suddenly broken. Accumulation of organ pleats at the mouth of the sock shows the ever-changing side of the sock.

The stacked and trimmed pile of socks design rejects the boring and monotonous traditional version, and the design is more accent. After wearing it, the calf has become a lot slender visually, and it is naturally loved by everyone.

Minimalism: solid color socks

Solid color socks

However, it is the pure-color socks with the title of minimalism that are commonly planted by the fashionable elite. It is precisely because there is no pattern embellishment, so as long as a pair of solid color socks is in your hand, you can travel all over the world.

The temperament of pure color socks coincides with any shoes. As long as you wear them, you can slightly expose the socks, you can add interest to the overall shape and show your personality.

Reckless street, mix and match sneakers

Sneakers and socks mix and match

Sneakers mix and match socks first appeared in Japan and South Korea's fashionable and refined figures. Naturally, they also became popular when they liked to wear them. This wear CP quickly caused a wave of wear. The short socks are exposed to make the outfit more lively and playful.

The most common is the combination of small white shoes and socks, which visually gives people a pure and academic style of beauty. Not only is it light and comfortable to walk, but it's not enough to mix and match clothes of any color.

Retro and elegant, mix and match loafers

Loafers and socks mix and match

The loafers that have been very popular in recent years, many fashionable icons have been captured by it, with a pair of socks, you are still the most fashionable retro girl, neat and simple, and still maintain an elegant attitude.

For those piggy girls with short legs, although flat loafers will make you look short, after adding a pair of socks, you can cleverly extend the leg lines, and the shape will become more beautiful.

Casual, mix and match slippers

Slippers and socks mix and match

Slippers have become the choice for many people to go out in the street in recent years. In the early spring with a hint of coolness, their fashionableness is still undiminished, because fashionable people have found the best way to match them: put on socks.

Once upon a time, we disliked this "inappropriate" way of dressing, and we were afraid to blatantly compose them into CP when we went out to go to a supermarket. Nowadays, unlike the past, when retro style, pajamas, home style, and sports style collide, "slippers and socks" have become a trend that can't be ignored.

Noble and sexy, mix and match high heels

High heels and socks mix and match

This combination of socks and high heels is not uncommon, and even appeared in some big-name shows. This distinctive, grotesque and novel way of wearing has made many fashionistas personally interpret this alternative "fashion" of this high-heeled shoes and socks.

So here, it is recommended that high heels paired with socks should choose a pointed style, which can maximize the length of the leg line, make up for the shortcomings of the leg socks, and make the whole person look more noble and elegant.

The above are the common ways to wear 8 common socks, among which printed socks are especially recommended. Because of the random choice of printing, printed socks are full of personality and will never collide with others, so don't rush to customize printed socks.

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