Custom pressure socks to relieve leg pressure

In daily life, because the leg is puffy and heavy and many people are annoyed. Pressure socks are very effective in relieving and preventing these symptoms. But aren't stress socks for everyone?

What are pressure socks?

Pressure socks are long stockings that put pressure on the legs to prevent edema in the lower extremities. By wearing pressure socks, you can prevent and relieve swelling and heavy feeling in the legs. Pressure socks are medically known as "stretch socks" and need to be diagnosed by a doctor before they can be used. Elastic socks are more stressful than similar products on the market, and patients can choose to wear their own elastic socks to reduce swelling. But the price of elastic socks is generally higher than the ordinary pressure socks sold on the market.

Suitable for people who wear pressure socks?

The reason that causes dropsy varies, but the person that general leg is easy dropsy has the following characteristic, suit to wear pressure socks quite.

  1. Office workers
    Because the legs are far from the heart, and because of gravity, the veins tend to slow down and become bloated. People who spend a lot of time sitting in an office or working on their feet are particularly prone to swelling in the legs, so wearing pressure socks can help reduce this.
  2. pregnant women

It is more suitable to wear pressure socks when pregnant or after childbirth. During pregnancy, the blood circulation will weaken, and the enlarged uterus will compress the veins, resulting in edema of the lower limbs. Slow blood circulation can not only lead to edema, but also lead to venous thrombosis. Pregnant women are five times more likely to have a blood clot. Venous thrombosis of the lower extremity can reach the lung with blood circulation, resulting in pulmonary embolism, which can be life-threatening when serious. Half of pulmonary embolism occurs after caesarean section. The causes of pulmonary embolism are: old age childbirth; obesity in late pregnancy; long term bed rest due to premonitory preterm delivery and pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, etc.

  1. People with venous tumor or high-risk group of venous tumor

Venous tumor of the lower extremity refers to a tumor like cyst in the vein due to slow blood flow. There are not only prominent blood vessels visible to the naked eye, but also invisible venous tumors invisible to the naked eye. According to statistics, among the people who have the feeling of body swelling, 1 person in every 6-7 people has venous aneurysm. Therefore, it is recommended to wear pressure socks for long-term in patients with venous tumor or suspected venous tumor symptoms in the lower extremities and those with high incidence of venous tumor. Pressure socks can promote the blood circulation of veins and lymph nodes by focusing on pressing the calf muscles.

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