Custom pocket socks

Have you ever heard of pocket socks? As its name, socks with pockets. Quite simply, it is not much different from ordinary sports socks or dress socks except that small pockets are added to the side of the socks top. To customize pocket socks, you can choose to knit the pockets on the outside or inside of your legs. You can also choose the size of the pockets, but for sure, they can't be wider than your socks.

Socks make the best pockets

A new and cool pocket socks are being sought after by people. Most of the time, it is suitable for some small and easy to lose things. Socks are elastic. Things in a sock pocket are less likely to fall out, and on the contrary, the sock pocket is tighter than a regular trouser or garment pocket. Even when you're exercising or running, it's hard to let things fall off.If you're wearing long pants, the sock pocket is even more hidden because it's completely hidden by the pants.It seems to be safer than exposed trouser pockets and clothing bags and backpacks.But when you're about to throw your socks in the washing machine, remember to take the stuff out of your pockets first. But when you're about to throw your socks in the washing machine, remember to take the stuff out of your sock pockets first.

Pocket socks play a lot of roles in life.

The new pocket socks are great for holding your stickers,money,skateboards,controllers、first-aid medicine. When you go to a weekend music festival, wear socks with pockets, you don't have to carry an extra wallet or purse, you can put your credit card and id card in one sock pocket and cash in the other sock pocket.So you don't have to worry about having nowhere to put it. A lot of people may choose pocket socks because they don't like purses. Sometimes it make people feel vulnerable and easy to lose. Especially when traveling, this feeling will change obviously, we all hope to be relaxed and free when traveling. Pocket socks can help you collect small, important items when you're exercising or wearing clothes without pockets. Or maybe a new mother is always carrying a baby or so much. The pocket socks would be easier to carry her debit cards, money and when she has to do quick running around.

We all know that there are some people around us who have diseases that require them to carry first-aid medicine with them all the time. If the first-aid medicines are forgotten or lost, it may endanger their lives. Heart disease and asthma, for example, when they come on suddenly, first-aid medicines are particularly important. Pocket socks are also a good place to store medicine, especially for young children, who are more likely to forget or lose the first-aid medicine.

Or maybe someone buy pocket socks just because it is coolest.

1.Custom pocket socks with the colors you can choose:

We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. For customization, you just need to provide the Pantone color you want.

2.Custom pocket socks with the materials you can choose:

Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, Wool, Bamboo, Fuzzy and so on. You can choose the materials according to your own pocket socks that you want.

3.The production process of customized socks:

Design - Sample - Knitting - Boarding & packing -Shipping. It always take 3-7days for sampling and -3 weeks for production.

For other detailed requirements, you can send them to our contact email. If you would like to custom some pocket socks to sale. Please feel free to contact us.