Custom personalized socks for your class or club online

Usually each class or club will have its own costumes. In addition, we can also customize the corresponding socks for our class or club.

Feel free to express yourself, especially when custom a socks for a class or school club, to show off

the club's pride, or have some fun activities. Our custom socks are the perfect to wear at a school event. There are so many ways to show off your class or club personality with custom socks. We have endless possibilities on custom socks for you.

Try to design your unique badges to be knitted on your socks, or to have your class & club name/ personal name, or motto  or anything else that comes to mind embroidered on them. On both side of foot, or just one side. On the front or back of leg, or on the back and the sloe of foot or wherever you like. You can choose colour by yourself just provide us the pantone colors. As for size, both men and women can be produced.Creative designs also can be worn year- round and will have your friends asking where you got it from!

What Kind Of Socks You Can Custom?

There are a lot of possibilities.

Custom dress socks:Used for daily wear, comfortable, warm, and can be customized in different length. Traditionally, they sometimes come in checkered patterns, and come in colors like black, blue, and gray, but recent fashion trends have seen different patterns and colors appear.

Custom athletic sock:As its name suggests, a sock made especially for sports. They will make your feet feel comfortable, breathable and protective while you exercise. You can wear your own customized socks for gym class or outdoor activities.

Custom printed socks: A kind of socks you can print pictures、pattern or face on it.

Custom other personalized socks:Please feel free to contact us and you will hear from us soon.

What Makes Our Personalized Custom Socks Special?

While getting your class or club personalized from YINUO socks is fantastic on its own, there are several other amazing benefits to purchasing a custom socks from us. Our company has over nine years of experiences creating customized for many overseas university or other school. Our client choose to buy from us because of their preference for long-lasting, beautiful, and excellent quality they will wear for years to come. You can’t go wrong with the quality and versatility of YINUO custom socks. We want everyone to feel a little more special while wearing our custom socks.

With the purchase of our personalized school/club socks, you’ll receive:

Beautiful color: We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match pantone colors.

Comfortable and safe dress: We use high-quality, safe, durable fabrics that will stay radiant wash after wash and wear comfortable.

Robust knitting: Our knitting is close-knit ensure they stand up to everyday wear and tear, including weather, dirt, and the elements without falling apart. Use high-quality elastic, even if worn for a year or two will not be loose.

Quality control: We have some dedicated staffs who treat each garment with care and inspect them to ensure that our customers receive products they love. Our customer satisfaction rate for socks has always been over 99% a few years.

easy steps of how to custom your class or club socks online:

  1. Select a sock. Search our sock collection to choose your sock kinds. size and color preference.
  2. Design your sock:Email us your art work or photo to create your custom socks.
  3. Place your order:We'll start making the socks you custom and ship you within one month.

Order a personalized socks today from us. Place your order today and show your new custom socks in school next month! If you have additional questions, send us a message on our contact page and we’d be happy to help. We can’t wait to get started on your custom order.