Custom Pantyhose

The origin of pantyhose

In the 1960s, the miniskirt by British designer Mary Quant, Mary Queen, was popular around the world. Skirts became shorter, garters abandoned, socks and panties integrated, and pantyhose were born. Its comfort and convenience still fascinate women the world over, and the style has endured.

Pantyhose, from the development of stockings, is tight from the waist to the feet of the body clothing, generally worn by women, part of the men. Pantyhose are made of cotton, chemical fiber, wool blend, and so on. Pantyhose appeared in the 1960s as an alternative to stockings. Pantyhose designed for women are typically positioned to show the beauty of a woman's feet in a way that pantyhose designed for men generally do not.

The advantages of pantyhose

1.Thin and transparent pantyhose that match your skin tone will enhance the look and feel of your legs and make them look smooth and polished.

2.Dark pantyhose shape your legs and make them look slimmer.

3.Brown pantyhose give tanned legs a nice, instant tan.

4.Pantyhose are also useful for keeping cold air out of contact with your skin, keeping you warm in cold weather, and even letting your legs show off in winter.

5.Wearing pantyhose in a low humidity environment can reduce moisture evaporation and prevent dryness of leg skin.

6.Pantyhose laced with spandex or Lycra improves circulation through pressure.

7.Prevent mosquito bites on the legs.

8.Protect your skin from rubbing against the outside world or clothes.

9.Cover leg hair and skin defects such as scarring.

10.Opaque pantyhose can keep the bottom of a skirt from leaking out, making a woman feel safe in a miniskirt.

Pantyhose and men

Interestingly, stockings that wrap around the legs were once popular clothing for men (Europeans and Americans in the 16th century) and were invented by Scot.L. Maddox. Women of the time covered their legs in public. Yet tradition has been reversed, with men wearing trousers and women showing their legs. In the 20th century, pantyhose were heavily purchased by women. However, men's pantyhose are on the market for warmth and improved circulation, as well as for the look and feel of the product. Surprisingly, men's pantyhose became part of the Iraq war. "One of the things the Soldiers in Iraq needed was pantyhose. Going back to his days as a player, Bart Starr said he wore pantyhose to keep warm while playing football. It might give some pause, but pantyhose are one way the GIS defend themselves against the pesky sand fleas."

The type of pantyhose

1.Nylon silk pantyhose

Common nylon silk stockings belong to early products, its biggest defect is poor elasticity, low transparency, has been basically not produced.

2.Core silk pantyhose

Belong to the mainstream products. The hosiery with the core that different manufacturer produces has a very big difference on quality and price, it is top grade with knitting degree close commonly, what knit degree is loose is poorer.

Medical tights: Medical tights are imported Dupont Lycra and nylon woven medical stretch socks for the treatment of venous symptoms of lower extremities. Medical tights are divided into three stress levels: primary stress prevention tights, secondary stress treatment tights, and tertiary stress treatment tights.

3.Crystal silk pantyhose

To solve the common nylon silk defects, then there is crystal silk. This kind of material had been raised very much on diaphaneity, make the color of filar socks no longer inflexible, but the defect with poor flexibility did not get ameliorative, and feel is coarser. Only some of the cheaper products and some socks still use crystal silk, but in general, it is becoming less and less.

4.Velvet pantyhose

Velvet has slightly less transparency than cored silk, but much more elasticity, not only a better handle but also a lot more warmth. Velvet is used in more advanced products, but there is pure and impure velvet.

After knowing so much about pantyhose, have you ever wanted to buy a pair of pantyhose for yourself? If you don't think the pantyhose on the market are original and distinctive enough, You can opt for custom pantyhose.

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