Custom Over-the-Knee Socks

Over-the-knee socks have always been a very special existence, can be said to be a timeless trend, both can be paired with preppy skirts, shorts, sweaters, very sweet and lovely, very feminine, super age. I'm going to share some winter hoodies with over-the-knee socks to make you look more than a little better.

1. Blue hoodie + black over-the-knee socks

This is to belong to the blue for the design of the fleece, hooded design is full of lazy breeze, without any decoration has become the most simple sense of advanced, big pockets for decoration looking at is very practical, intervene or dropping items can be tie-in knee-high boots, socks, socks are thick material, so take the tall, beautiful more than a little bit.

2. Red hoodie + black over-the-knee socks

The same hoodies with black over-the-knee socks, wear the good figure that shows a girl so, simple lose vogue again, tall waist knits, at the right moment small, show a sex appeal big long leg, the upper part of the body is tie-in red print letter sweater, the design of hooded, the upper part of the body of the girl is worn melting and lovely, vogue reduces age again, wear such wear apparent lengthen figure scale, too beautiful really, follow to wear it won't go wrong.

3. Gray hoodie + black over-the-knee socks

Have you got the missing piece of the underbody that's been so hot lately? Cross the knit sweater inside the buttock to take short half skirt, do not go out, still can wear a big long leg oh, lengthen leg line visually, show tall carry, socks can choose a pair of spliced money, tie-in goes up brock single shoe, winter so build the most show tall carry, reduce age academy wind.

4. Black drawstring hoodie + black stripe over knee socks

Plaid skirt is also a small version of a type, so very easily show thin legs, the key ultra-short version to let small can also wear a big long leg, the design of the left and right sides is asymmetric, A bit of a pleated design with more character, tie-in stripe stockings, it breaks the pure color socks wear method, simple good design is not easy to get wrong, and then with a pair of black canvas shoes, casual can also wear a different flavor.

5. Dark red hoodie + white striped over-the-knee socks

Dark red fleece + white striped knee-high socks, autumn and winter so wear a street is a personality trend, super stylish, in a long coat of grid, tie-in leather skirt, revealing a quantity of dress, make you much a few minutes the streets van modeling, really good, tie-in red stripe design socks, and the red fleece photograph echo, reflect a kind of spell able temperament, again tie-in white sneakers, a plus for you modeling more stylish look.

Having learned so much about over-the-knee socks, are you interested in buying these stylish and flattering over-the-knee socks? Of course, if you find it difficult to buy your own over-the-knee socks in the market, then you can choose customized over-the-knee socks. Customized over-the-knee socks can add your own characteristic elements and make customized socks more suitable for other clothes.

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