Custom Nylon Socks

Since the Invention of nylon stockings by the Americans, socks are basically made of chemical nylon, including stockings, pantyhose, and suspender socks. Nylon stockings were very popular in China in the 1970s and 1980s.

The appearance of nylon socks in China originates from the diversification of China's textile industry from the era of pure cotton. The Chinese began to make their own nylon and acrylic. Nylon socks are easy to wash and dry, strong and durable, flexible and colorful and attract men, women, and children all over China.

All of a sudden, owning a few pairs of nylon socks or not having beautiful nylon socks becomes a focus of attention. Nylon stockings were in demand, and the girl who went to work in the socks factory was the favorite. Due to the poor permeability of nylon socks, from the late 1980s, silk stockings and nitrile cotton socks were gradually replaced.

The history of nylon socks

Nylon, which is a man-made polymer. Chemically, nylon is a condensed polymer whose constituent units are connected by an amide, so it is sometimes called a polyamide. Nylon is the world's first completely man-made fiber, made from coal, water, and air. Two basic chemicals are generally synthesized from these raw materials, hexamethylenediamine, and adipic acid in most cases. They are mixed to form nylon.

In 1928, Dupont showed its first pair of nylon socks, while Bayer introduced polypropylene socks. The stock market changed completely when nylon was invented, and the first samples of nylon socks appeared at the World's Fair in 1939. 1940 High nylon stockings set an all-time sales record in the United States. So far, transparent and frivolous nylon socks deserve to go upskirt to become the fashionable product of EurAmerican noblewoman.

Nylon socks are popular in China

In the early days of the People's Republic of China, before the appearance of nylon socks, cotton stockings were the first choice for Chinese urban residents to protect their feet. Cotton socks are comfortable to wear, soft, and absorb sweat, but the elasticity is very poor, especially socks often fall to the ankle, a pile, neither beautiful nor warm. At that time the printing and dyeing technology is poor, the color of cotton socks is not only monotonous, and poor dyeing force, wash a sock off a color.

This is not the most important thing, the key is that it is not strong, between the foot and the shoe, all day in private, close contact, three rubs, wear soon, the toes and heel parts can be frayed. When a sock is worn out, it costs money to buy a new one, which, though a dollar or two, most families do not have. Can not afford to buy a new can only hit a patch to make do with, fortunately, at that time people wear socks to keep warm and practical, good-looking is not to care about. Even the country's leaders are wearing patched socks, and people with flat heads are not ashamed of this.

Later the appearance of nylon socks, three fists, and two feet in the market broke the cheap quality, poor image of cotton stockings. Although nylon socks are more expensive, and also once in short supply, need to be "industry voucher" to buy, but it is strong and durable, long-wear does not wear out, a pair of nylon socks to the service life of several times more than cotton socks.

Nylon socks, by contrast, are clearly more appropriate and cost-effective. Nylon socks are flexible, durable, soft, warm, and with beautiful patterns, bright colors, and easy to dry. They were so popular that almost everyone in the city wore them. It leads the world by absolute advantage.

As the nylon socks the enlargement of the audience, people feel its shortcoming more and more is also very obvious, the most important is not to absorb sweat, especially the person of sweat footwears a pair of nylon socks, cover a pair of liberation shoes again, the bottom of the foot became breeding ground of "corruption". At night, when I took off my shoes, I could smell ten meters in the wind. Later, as the supply situation improved and the production of nylon socks increased, it was no longer in short supply, and it gradually fell out of favor.

In the early 1980s, the national daily consumption goods for the first time a large price, stretch nylon socks and other commodities are in the price. With these commodities at the bottom, the propaganda caliber will be said to price adjustment. Although most commodities such as grain, oil, sugar, and cotton have risen in price, a small part of them has fallen in price. Whether or not it's a self-deluded wordplay, it's a sign that nylon socks have entered a period of overproduction and slow sales, and are gradually falling out of fashion.

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