Custom non-slip gripper socks

Generally speaking, we wear socks to protect our ankles and keep the soles of our feet dry, as well as to protect ourselves from dust and cold, so how can we keep our socks from slipping when we are free from the role of shoes? Then you may need a non-slip gripper socks. When it comes to non-slip gripper socks, for which the focus of non-slip, there are basically two layers of meaning: between the socks and the ground, between the soles of the feet and socks. Will it be anti-skid when you put it on?

Let's first take a look at the non-slip between socks and the floor:

What is common on the market is the dispensing of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. Overall, silicone is better, but it also costs more.

  1. The material itself has advantages and disadvantages. PVC is the same, there are good and bad. Silica gel has advantages and disadvantages.
  2. The fullness, shape, position and area of the dispensing will also affect the anti-slip effect. Some styles are distributed only in part of the soles of the feet, some in whole soles of the feet. In theory, the overall anti-skid effect would be better.

Let's look at the slippage between the soles of the feet and the socks:

  1. Materials and knitting of socks. If the knitted fabric is sparse, elastic fiber is sparse, elastic fiber quality is poor, or elastic fiber is not added at all, any of these factors will affect the fitting degree of socks and feet, thus affecting the anti-slip effect. Some socks on the market have elastic fibers in the middle of the arch to create a stretch zone. However, a more advanced method is to add elastic fiber to the whole body of the sock to make it fit the foot well.
  2. 2. the style of socks will also affect the anti-slip performance. The style here mainly refers to the structural design:

(1) whether the instep is exposed. The physical structure determines that certain forms will inevitably weaken the joint feeling and friction of socks. The anti-slip effect of exposing the instep may be lower than that of not exposing the instep, especially in high-frequency or large-scale movement.

(2) whether the toes are separated. A lot of people are really not used to using split toe socks instead of split toe socks. The anti-slip effect is generally lower than the split toe.

There are few other styles on the market that use a different concept to increase the friction between the soles of the feet and the socks: there are also silicone Settings inside the socks to increase the slippage of the soles and socks.

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