Custom Mountaineering Socks

Outdoor mountaineering socks selection is not to choose a pair depending on the season? Why wear wool socks instead of cotton socks when mountaineering?

Many mountaineering friends have suggested wearing two pairs of socks, can't you wear one pair? So many questions about mountaineering socks, it is enough to show that mountaineering socks have played a very important role in mountaineering. Let us talk about mountaineering socks today.

When climbing, foot protection and comfort are very important, but if the foot is uncomfortable or injured, not only will delay the journey, and may even increase the incidence of danger. Therefore, choose a pair of suitable mountaineering socks, is a necessary preparation before climbing, the first concept is: wear what shoes match what socks!

Wear different mountaineering shoes with different mountaineering socks

The choice of mountaineering socks is not made according to the season! It depends on the type of mountaineering shoes you wear. Because mountaineering shoes are harder than general shoes, and mountaineering often has to trek, on the hard stone, so it is recommended to wear thick socks, comfort will be better.

Heavy hiking shoes:

Because the shoe body is very hard and heavy, the upper is also very high, need to choose thicker in (high) to help mountaineering socks, socks must be higher than the upper, not easy because of friction and uncomfortable. You can also choose mountaineering socks with thickened shock absorbers. If you're a heat-averse hiker, you can also pick mountaineering socks with a high percentage of Coolmax sweat fibers.

Light-medium (low) upper hiking shoes:

The shoe body is a little softer than heavy outfit boot, can choose the mountaineering sock that compares a bit thin, but the proposal still retains a certain thickness, and the sock also must be higher than uppers.

Should you choose wool socks or cotton socks?

Generally, wool socks are recommended for hiking and mountaineering activities. Its advantages are as follows:

If your mountaineering shoes are made of leather, wear good wool socks because of the poor air permeability of the leather. Mountaineering is prone to rain, wool socks in wet time, still can retain the softness, can reduce the occurrence of blisters.

Wool temperature control is good, in wet and cold weather, will not feel cold feet; Exposure to the sun does not burn. It's a great natural material. Anti-odor and bacteriostatic effects are good, you can say goodbye to smelly feet.

Why cotton socks are not recommended:

Cotton socks will become hard when wet, easy to rub blisters when walking. Wet out not easy to dry, and wet out will lose the warmth.

How to choose the size of mountaineering socks?

When choosing mountaineering wool socks, it is recommended to choose a smaller size, because wool socks have good elasticity and will be looser after a while. If you choose socks that are too big, you will easily get blisters from friction when you walk.

Need to wear two pairs of socks?

In fact, there will be such a statement, is to come as far as the past sock production technology is not so good now, so many mountaineering friends will be used to wearing two pairs of socks, can increase the effect of shock absorption buffer. And the inner socks will be recommended for special inner socks, or some people will wear silk socks, to reduce the friction between two pairs of socks, reduce the generation of blisters.

However, current mountaineering socks are actually made from very soft merino wool and are made from heels, toes, ankles... The detail such as the place also has aggrandizement design, wear a pair of socks to also can be very comfortable because of this, permeability is better also.

Whether you like to wear two pairs or a single pair, it is recommended that you go to the suburban mountains a few times before starting to climb the mountains, test to make sure the comfort is good, and then go climbing the mountains.

With all this knowledge about mountaineering socks, would you be interested in buying yourself a pair of outdoor mountaineering socks? If you're in the market, it is hard to find suitable own mountaineering socks, you can choose custom mountaineering socks.

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