Custom men’s socks

Spring is coming, wrapped in pants under the socks also finally had the opportunity to show. Are socks only safe in pure color? Of course not! Want to match shoe only, bright color, design is joined together, the sock that bumps color, can break drab, depressing atmosphere not only, still can with whole body collocation photograph echo, improve your taste in collocation.

Socks match for business occasions

A good pair of leather shoes is indispensable for business men attending important occasions. When you wear a big silhouette dust coat, you can still wear it with dress shoes. Of course, a pair of plain stockings would be a good choice.

  1. Argyle socks × loafer shoes

Classic loafers and argyle socks are a must-have accessory for men. Colorful argyle stockings, in particular, are the perfect match for loafers and can easily be the finishing touch. Of course, if you are more inclined to introverted and elegant style, then choose a pair of matching color contrast is weak dark color argyle socks, as long as match for the same dark department of shoes, will not go wrong. Please choose thin wool or pure cotton fabric for socks to avoid socks that are too thick and make the ankle look thick.

  1. Fine knit socks × dress shoes

The man that likes to wear the leather shoes with novel style, numerous details, need not spend too much idea again to choose individual character and colorful sock. A good pair of fine knit monochrome stockings will suffice. Sock color is close to dress as far as possible, when sitting down, the sock that shows below trousers must unite with pants tonal, avoid abrupt. Even if it is a pair of ordinary black lacing leather shoes, after the help that had monochrome stockings, can sweep drab and boring instantly and light, smooth add a touch of romantic breath.

Socks match for casual occasions

Casual dress brought infinite vigor and affinity for the man, no matter be lightweight deerskin sheet shoe, still air cushion sneaker, or it is avant-garde bold go all out lubricious casual shoe, can match short paragraph baseball socks or design and color stockings.

  1. Striped socks × sneakers

Ankle place has horizontal stripe to decorate the short baseball socks, it is to be fond of the best choice of recreational attire man, use only simple "two lines bar", can take a stand. It is simple, retro, easy to match, and sneakers are a perfect match, immediately the boy's sunshine youth vigor display incisively and vividly. Do not matter collocation pants, shorts, ninth pants, horizontal stripe stockings all can control. The thick cotton texture fits the skin and absorbs foot sweat, providing plenty of comfort when exercising.

  1. "Color socks" × stitching bright shoes

Can design and color male socks have a market after all? Let a person dazzling Mosaic bright color men's shoes, if not worthy of a pair of colorful socks, never bold enough. Simply do not have to consider the color collocation, the more color more eye-catching. Of course, when shoes and socks are quite colorful, in the choice of pants when you must pay attention to avoid the same color jump, or the design eye-catching style. It is recommended to match it with the simplest and most elegant dark khaki pants, which can highlight the details of your feet and avoid making you look like a palette.

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