Custom made five-toed socks

Five-toed socks is a relatively popular sock on market at present, people who wear this socks say they are comfortable, especially to the person that has athlete's foot more appropriate wear five-toed socks, because wore it, can prevent the infection of athlete's foot. Therefore the five-toed socks are also very popular with broad customer , but what about the five-toed socks? What are the benefits?

The history of the five-toed socks

Japanese people attach great importance to this product(socks). In Japan, for the average person, a pair of socks only be worn twice, which means a person will consume more than 100 pairs of socks a year. This is probably the most frequently changed product that appears on people. In order to decorate themselves, human beings invented headdress, jewelry, hand ornaments, bag ornaments, shoe ornaments. If socks can be an ornament, they must show more variability than other ornaments.

Five-toed socks became popular in Japan more than 10 years ago. At the beginning of its popularity, it began as a health care function. Medically, many foot problems are caused by bacterial cross-infection between the toes. Five-toed socks will be separated from the toe, help the foot absorb sweat and breathe, inhibit bacteria, stop itching, and prevent athlete's foot; and still can reduce the each other of toe press, promote the blood circulation of foot ministry, reduce cutaneous thickening, foot qualitative change wait for sufficient ministry dermatosis. However, five-toed socks such a health care function needs a long time to adhere to form a habit. When five-toed socks were first introduced to the sock market, they too met with insouciance.

But when five-toed socks were combined with fashion, something interesting happened. The developers of the five-toed socks began to add fashion colors to the five-toed socks. The market was flooded with numerous new styles of five-toed socks, multicolored long five-toed socks just play the role of delicate slender legs, five-toed socks began to be popular. In particular, many stars wear five-toed socks, more promoted the five-toed socks craze. China's five-toed socks are far less popular than Japan, but because Japan's five-toed socks are basically produced in China, so China's five-toed socks promotion will get ahead of the wind, there are many market promotion convenience.

The benefits of the five-toed socks

Five-toed socks is a kind of sock, have the design that lets toe individually put on in toe location, put on after each toe is apart. Proper tightness, slight mint fragrance, let the person wearing this sock from the bottom to the top to feel the pleasure of body and mind. Close your eyes, wiggle your toes and feel its happy rhythm. Five-toed socks can be divided into children five-toed socks and adult five-toed socks two kinds, general adult five-toed socks is to have health care function, can prevent athlete's foot, gray fingernail, and wear five-toed socks is very comfortable. So wearing five-toed socks can also be good for your health.

The advantage of wearing five-toed socks is that there is no pain between the toes, and each toe can move freely, reducing the pressure between the toes and promoting blood circulation. Wear five-toed socks can make use of the characteristic of cotton the sweat between your toe gives suck off, make airstream unblocked between the toe, prevent foot effectively smelly, athlete's foot. Wear five-toed socks can reduce the pressure of socks, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of socks, increase the life of socks.

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