Custom infant socks

As soon as the cold weather sets in, many parents wonder if they need to put socks on their babies. After all, the baby does not wear socks or a lot of benefits. Let's talk about the benefits of your baby wearing socks. Let's take a look.

As the saying goes, "the cold starting from the foot", a newborn's body temperature adjustment function is not yet mature, peripheral blood circulation is not yet complete, the ability of heat generation is small, but the ability of heat dissipation is greater than that of adults, small baby wear socks, will be able to help him warm feet effectively. Because of the weather turns cold, and when the baby wear pants they will drive they leg more fierce, but if wear a little tight socks, plus always wear to the knees, baby can lead to blood circulation is bad, can let the baby toes thereby white, cold feet. So it seems to the baby to wear socks also need to pay special attention to be careful, so for the baby to wear socks what about?

The necessity of wearing socks for babies

  1. Maintain body temperature

the baby's thermoregulation function is not yet mature, when the ambient temperature is a little low, the neonatal peripheral circulation is not good, touch the baby's feet will feel cool, if he put on socks, can play a certain role in heat preservation, to avoid cold, baby will feel comfortable.

  1. Avoid trauma

With the growth of the age of months, the baby's ability to move the lower limbs will increase a lot, often disorderly stirrups, it is easy to damage the foot skin and toes, wearing socks can reduce the occurrence of such injuries.

  1. Sanitation and hygiene

The opportunity that baby’s skin contacts the outside world is much, a few dirty things, wait for harmful material like dust, can invade the body through darling delicate skin, increase infection opportunity, put on sock to be able to have the effect that makes ministry of feet cleanness sanitation, still can prevent mosquito to bite.

  1. On a hot summer day, some mothers wear leather sandals or faux-leather sandals for their baby's bare feet. This is a big mistake. Socks are more important than shoes.
  2. do not wear socks to make the baby's feet lost a layer of effective protection, especially when wearing open toe sandals are easy to cause foot injury; At the same time do not wear socks can also make the baby's tender feet skin becomes dry and rough.
  3. because the shoe is qualitative and craft reason can suffer harmful chemical substance pollution, the skin that contacts baby directly is tender and the flesh that discharge poison function is not perfect is very harmful.
  4. If babies can't walk, they can not wear shoes, but they must wear socks. This is because the body temperature regulation function of babies is not yet mature, so they have less ability to generate heat, while they have greater ability to dissipate heat.

Tips on picking and buying baby socks

Wearing socks is a must for babies, but pay attention to these details when choosing socks:

  1. Do not pick the socks of the cuff is too tight and the socks of the leg is too long, the baby's feet and adults are completely different, no ankle, the calf is also very short, so the hose should not be too long, just a short.
  2. The elastic mouth of the socks should be wider, with moderate tightness, so as to stretch the cover at the ankle of the baby without pulling flesh.
  3. Socks should be slightly larger to allow room for the baby's feet to grow.
  4. Spring and autumn can give baby choice than thin cotton socks thick cotton socks, but try not to buy poor quality socks, the kind of socks will often be mixed with inferior cotton or a large number of acrylic fiber, should buy 100% or 90% of cotton quality of a qualified product.
  5. Winter can give baby choice wool socks or cashmere socks, can have certain flexibility at the same time, there is a small amount of lycra ingredients, but the main ingredients should be cotton, wool.

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