Custom Gentleman Socks

It is often said that details determine success or failure, and a man with taste should pay attention to the details, and the most can reflect the details, start with the most overlooked combination of socks.

Delicate fittings are the most important supporting role all the time, the sock is the place that can let a person see grade truly actually, the principle that the man wears socks pays attention to integral collocation most, color, quality of material, cleanness can add cent for the man's grade.

Types of gentleman socks

1.Neutral color socks

A few pairs of neutral socks are a wardrobe staple for every man, both formal and business. Navy, black, brown, camel, gray and dark red are all colors to be had. Neither destroy the overall conservative low-key and can increase the visual sense.

2.Classic socks

Pay attention to the color of your pants when matching them, because, in addition to jeans, socks should be the same color as your pants, or a little darker. However, what should notice more is that white and light color pure cotton socks are used to match casual style pants and casual shoes, never can be used to match casual leather shoes.

3.Striped/argyle socks

This kind of sock is the most common in the sock, relatively more mature sedate, suits all sorts of occasions to wear, includes formal dress, and already sedates have window again.

4.Colorful socks

When pursuing individual character and vogue, can choose bright color sock to do collocation, dress up already formal feeling, and recreational formal give attention to vogue again.

What still need to remind everybody nevertheless is, the color of sock and suit match the most convenient method, it is with same lubricious department undertakes collocation the most concise; But when wearing formal clothes, too long socks will appear rustic, so try to pick not striking light color socks to do collocation, just can more show advanced feeling.

Fabric and workmanship of gentleman socks

The fabric of gentleman socks

Many people think that socks that are too thick will not breathe. In fact, the thickness of socks and their air permeability will not have much to do with. Because the sock is too thin instead, the suck sweat effect is poor, let a foot be in my sweat bag for a long time frowzily be in the shoe to bring about beriberi thereby. Thicker socks absorb sweat better, leaving the feet drier and more durable. Also, socks that are too thin have no texture and look cheap visually. Cotton is the first push on the fabric, skin-friendly, and good effect on sweat absorption. For those who are afraid of the cold, you can also choose wool socks in winter. (But the wool material is easy to pilling, hard to handle).

The workmanship of gentleman socks

In addition to the fabric, the workmanship of the socks is also very important.

1.The sock mouth should be threaded, which is better wrapped and less prone to deformation than ordinary locking. At the same time for no-show socks, socks mouth is too low and easy to fall with, it is recommended to buy the heel place has silica gel anti-slip provisions.

2.Thicken the worn soles and toes, but the instep will generally be woven sparingly, which ensures good air permeability even after thickening.

3.The foot stitching shall adopt a manual stitching head, relative to the mechanical stitching head. It's smoother and has side stitches, fits the toes better, and is more comfortable on the feet.

After knowing so much about men's socks, as an elegant man with taste, you can also choose to customize your own gentleman socks, so that you can be unique.

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