Custom fuzzy socks that keep you warm all winter

We can all feel the bitter cold of winter when the icy wind is sweeping the pedestrians on the road recklessly. Generally at this time most people will need to choose to wear a heavy down jacket and padded pants to protect against the icy wind. However now a lot of women love beauty for fashion, will deliberately wear socks leak out of the ankle to show their style, if in the winter, I think it is not easy to try this. After all, a pair of warm and lovely fuzzy socks will give female friends to bring happiness and joy.

A pair of beautiful tall boots paired with long black silk stockings may be the favorite footwear for fashion girls to wear, but in the winter, I think that furry boots coupled with fuzzy socks are really essential for anti-freezing warmth. Of course you not only can wear them to work from Monday to Friday but also play with your kids on weekends to make snowmen and have snowball fights. So you can also relax yourself in the cold winter.

So how can we do and others winter equipment is not the same (more with their own characteristics)? Maybe you should consider customizing your own custom furry boots and custom fuzzy socks. Today I will mainly recommend you how to customize custom Fuzzy socks.

Fuzzy socks and other ordinary cotton socks and polyester socks have a very obvious characteristic difference, that is, the main yarn material is not the same, cotton socks with natural cotton fiber as the main raw material, polyester socks with artificial polyester fiber as the main raw material, and fuzzy socks with artificial feather yarn as the main raw material, Therefore, if you want to customize fuzzy socks, a hosiery factory with a supply of fuzzy yarn needs to be found, I recommend Yinuo knitting co., LTD., they are engaged in a variety of custom socks for many years, have worked with the yarn supplier also many, quality socks, good faith service, will make your choice much a quality guarantee.

When you find the right manufacturer, you can send the pattern or logo you want to show on the socks to your manufacturer in the form of a file or picture. They will complete the corresponding CAD drawing according to your design proof. Then you need to determine with the factory the yarn color you want. After a series of preparations are completed, the factory will send you the finished pre-production sample photos for your confirmation. Once the pre-production sample is approved, the production of socks can be basically completed in 5-7 days (about 100 pairs of daily production capacity). After the production of socks is completed, packaging and shipment are required, generally speaking, the packaging takes 2-3 days, and the express delivery takes about 5-7 days according to the distance. Go through these series of steps in this way, your fuzzy socks can be successfully obtained.

In order to keep your winters warm and minimize your chances of getting sick (as the saying goes, "cold starts with your feet"), come to order a pair of custom fuzzy socks for you!