Custom Football Socks

Many people think that football socks are not as important as football shoes. Football shoe all sorts of color, all sorts of design, all sorts of function, when buying, can let you dazzle the eyes. Football socks, on the other hand, are like "extended cotton socks" compared to the socks we usually wear. But really don't underestimate the role of football socks, wearing football socks to play the game, it is a lot of benefits.

The origin of football socks

The first time you put on football socks, you must feel very tight and very awkward. This is because at the beginning in the design of ball socks, the biggest purpose is to secure the leg pad in front of the calf. In addition, today's soccer fields are usually divided into natural and artificial turf courts, but decades ago, the playing field was mostly used natural grass, so stockings are a good way to prevent mosquito bites.

The dangers of not wearing football socks

If the game does not wear football socks, the player's calf muscle can not tighten, it is very easy to appear a strain. In the football match the scrambling frequency is very high, if there is no football socks protection, the calf and the ground after intense friction, it is easy to be cut open. It can lead to bleeding or injury, but can lead to bacterial infection. There is even a ball sock with a foot guard to keep opposing players from stepping on it. Football hosiery is in the position of foot bottom also can undertake certain thickening treatment commonly. This is in a rapid stop, speed change, soles of the foot and sole friction, not easy to produce blisters.

What other effects do football socks have?

Now the football socks are much higher than the knee, because the protection of the knee in various movements is very necessary. Football socks are usually cotton in the majority, so a thick layer of socks wrapped in football player’s calves, in the winter outdoor training games can play a great role in insulation. Of course, the football socks we choose are mostly cotton, and the sole part of the foot has different degrees of thickening, unlike other socks, the material is diverse also does not matter, thickness is the same. This is because we have to take into account the damage caused by friction from starting, braking, etc. If you use a thin bottom it is easy to cause the whole sock wear off. And to the referee in the football match, the football socks with different colors that are also very striking also facilitate the distinction between the players on the field and help their own law enforcement.

Football socks can also be very fashionable!

The development of football socks to today, long ago not limited to the use of the field. Wearing a variety of football socks (mostly black and white) girls have become a street scene. A lot of leg model very good-looking girl is partial to football socks very much the length that just passes a knee, the stripe of extremely rich aesthetic feeling, go up again tie-in miniskirt, can make him move feeling is dye-of-the-mill, reveal youth breath! In general, often recommend has muscular legs or is crus coarser, thigh longer girls try to wear a long football socks. For the former, long football socks not only can hide the calves, also can to weakening of leg ministry line, make its show more slender. For the latter, can obviously elongate the leg on the vision scale, conceal the calf insufficiency shortcoming. But of course, if ham and crus is extremely thick, leg model also is not perfect, do not suggest to try to wear long football socks, can expose oneself shortcoming not only, return very rustic. Short football socks, short legs, slender, tall girl needless to say, how to wear will be very good-looking, as for the similar type O leg leg is not straight and X leg of girl, suggest to choose this football socks, because it can be a very good modify your legs to make it look more good-looking, not be too curved, and finally full-figured girl, assuming that your legs really is big and fat, and legs is not good, suggest choose the short football socks. Choose it, cover up some extra proud flesh, a little modification.

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