Custom Embroidered Socks

Socks are a necessity of people's life. Socks are made up of socks, stocking bodies, and stocking heads. Stockings are fitted with elastic straps to hold them in place. The traditional sock, especially the rim of the sock, has no structure, flatness, and no third dimension.

Embroidery, commonly known as "embroidery", is on the already processed fabrics, carried out according to the design requirements for the puncture needle leads, and through the operation will be embroidered quad woven a kind of art all kinds of design and color.

It is the Chinese nation, traditional crafts, with the development of science and technology, machine embroidery instead of the traditional manual embroidery, can make the embroidery mass industrial production. And this kind of socks with embroidery is worn on the feet, rich in national cultural atmosphere, the three-dimensional sense of embroidery and gorgeous colors, make socks gorgeous, elegant.

Definition of embroidered socks

Embroidered socks are a kind of socks with the effect of the embroidered pattern. There are embroidered padded socks and jacquard embroidered socks. Add yarn embroider hosiery is according to decorative pattern requirement, add a piece of yarn on the coil that organizes in plain needle ground, make socks appear the decorative pattern effect of raise.

Add yarn embroider to finish by embroidering disc or embroider head commonly, embroider scope is small, do not exceed 11 needles commonly. The add yarn embroider of embroidering hosiery is to undertake on flat needle ground organization, the reason its have good flexibility and stretch the stretch nylon stocking like sex, embroider adds yarn to be able to use the stretch nylon silk of different color.

Cotton stockings and nylon stockings, embroidery yarn can be added with different colors of cotton thread or stretch nylon silk jacquard embroidery socks according to the requirements of decorative patterns, in the non-embroidered part by the ground yarn woven plain stitch organization, in the embroidery part to add a different color embroidery line and the ground yarn is woven jacquard organization. Jacquard embroidered socks have a flat surface.

The pattern is clear and the flower shape range is larger, generally by the computer hosiery knitting machine. Ground yarn and embroidery thread are usually made of elastic nylon with the same linear density and different colors.

Types of embroidered socks

On the socks in addition to the function can make us more comfortable when wearing shoes, small show on the ankle part is often referred to as modeling make the finishing point, can not only make the overall look more complete, can also use the length of socks quietly spin the visual effect of the legs, both sports shoes, sandals, high heels can match with socks out a different style. We can always be happy for the little things in life, such as plain socks, because of the small embroidery on the sock mouth, instantly become interesting, it is the shining point of low-key socks, but also the finishing touch to life.

Animal embroidery

There will always be a lot of cute and cute animals in our life, represented by dogs and cats, these lovely animals embroidered into the socks, is a unique flavor.

Fruit embroidery

Big watermelon, small strawberry, fruity grape, sweet peach, all kinds of fruits make your mouth water? Move these summer cool and refreshing fruit to go up to sock, the mood that feels the whole person instantly is light a lot of, the collocation dress that lets whole body becomes small and pure and fresh all of a sudden rise.

Creative expression embroidery

Sew big red lips on your socks and let them kiss your feet and care for your ankles. And all sorts of exaggerative do not break again naughty originality do strange expression, always can let you belly laugh, let these expression stay on the sock, the good mood also can often accompany you about.

Alphabet embroidery

Like most clothes and costumes, socks can also be embroidered with simple letters or words, which symbolize the blessing or wish of good meaning, so that people who see socks can receive your heart, and inadvertently shorten the distance between people.

The little embroidery can improve your whole outfit instantly. Are you interested in making your own unique embroidery socks?

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