Custom Elite Socks, the Best Equipment for Playing

To customize elite socks, let’s talk to you about what elite socks are. Elite socks are actually very long socks that people often see on basketball courts. That kind of socks is called elite socks.

The role of elite socks

Elite socks are worn for playing basketball. They have shock absorption, sweat absorption, and anti-slip effects, which can avoid straining the ankle and significantly enhance the cushioning effect. The most intuitive difference from ordinary socks is that they are thicker and more expensive. Elite socks are also called elite basketball socks. One of the biggest reasons why many people choose to wear elite socks when playing basketball is cushioning, especially when paired with sneakers that have average midsole cushioning technology and weak insoles, the cushioning effect of elites is relatively obvious.

Anti-slip and wrapping are also the most important functions of elite socks. After all, it is difficult to avoid spraining ankles and significantly enhance cushioning with just a pair of socks, but a good pair of elite socks can significantly improve the wrapping of sneakers.

How to wash elite socks?

Socks made of white cotton, linen, and polyester: Add white clothes (600g specification) and 1 bottle cap (40g) to half a basin of water (about 2 liters), stir well, soak in socks for 30 minutes, and rinse. If stains remain unremoved after soaking for 2 hours, take out the socks, add another bottle of this product to the basin, stir well, and put in the socks to continue soaking. The cumulative soaking time does not exceed 6 hours.

White socks of color and other materials: put the socks in the basin, stick the stained parts on the bottom of the basin, use colored clothes to stain (600g specification) bottle caps, and measure 1/4 bottle caps (10g) of colored clothes to stain stains 1/4 bottle cap (10g) with a clean collar, pour it on the stained place, cover the stain with other non-stained parts of the socks to prevent air-drying, let it stand for 2 hours, and rinse it off. If stains remain unremoved after 2 hours, extend the standing time to overnight.

After reading the above introduction, do you have a clear understanding of elite socks? Elite socks are one of the essential pieces of equipment for playing basketball.

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