Custom dress socks

You're probably surrounded by men who say, "what's so special about a pair of socks? They're in shoes, anyway." But who knows, the dress grade of the man is reflected from these seemingly minutest details come out, especially when wearing formal attire, the choice of a pair of socks often can become whole to wear an outfit the key of success or failure.

The earliest dress socks were stockings

The factor that makes clothes and pants produce, no more than to protect and beautify our body, the appearance of the sock is no exception likewise. The earliest socks are actually better known as leg warmers. The ancient Egyptians used leather leg straps and linen or wool fabrics to sew hosiery-like costumes. With the development of costume civilization, people's demand for aesthetic feeling has obviously gradually covered the practicality, and men's dress socks are in the form of beautiful silk stockings into everyone's line of sight. The noblemen of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries were richly attired and elaborately dressed. Men in puffy shorts, silk stockings, and high heels were even more heavily powdered than women. Garters as men's supplies also came into being, they use lace to decorate the top of stockings, and the outside of the knee decorated with a bow, very delicate and gorgeous. It wasn't until the 19th century that long trousers replaced silk stockings as legwear in men’s suits, and men's garters slipped from the thigh to the calf and retreated as "internal" decoration.

The right match for dress socks

Don't think that you can find a pair of cotton socks from your closet and wear them with a suit. For fashionable men, dress socks are a must. The color of standard formal outfit socks is black, ash or the brunet such as navy mostly, give priority to with monochrome and simple jacquard, the material is qualitative commonly cotton, wool and elastic fiber, already absorb sweat breathable and elastic and tight and appropriate. Also, dress socks need to be thin, opaque, and calf-length to ensure that when a man sits down, there is no skin visible between the hem of his trousers and the hem of his socks. If it is a formal dress, dress socks will also be upgraded, black silk socks are the traditional gentleman's choice, now many men choose the matte texture of thin wool socks, to better highlight the texture and luster of dress pants and dress shoes.

If just go to work or attend a general formal occasion, dress socks should be the same or similar in color with dress pants and leather shoes, make leg and foot look is complete, integral whole, if the color difference of leather shoes and dress pants is bigger, that should keep sock and leather shoes at least same color. In everyday life, we seem to see a man sitting with a pair of white socks peeking out from between his trouser legs and his leather shoes, a combination that was iconic for Jackson but definitely taboo for men's formal wear.

The importance of dress socks

A man in a suit and tie always makes people feel smart and competent, but often the wrong choice of a pair of socks will destroy the original perfect impression. For example, wearing a black suit with a pair of socks that are light in color or have a distinct pattern can give the impression that he is careless, even sloppy. In addition to the color problem, more deadly is the untidiness of the socks, if the socks are very old, pilling, hanging silk, and even have holes, please throw them into the trash can, don't let it ruin your dress.

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