Custom cotton socks

It is often said that the devil is in the details, so a good pair of socks can determine whether a person's clothes are fashionable or not. In the process of our pursuit of fashion, the most important thing is to pursue the comfort of socks. After all, socks are not comfortable, and feet will be uncomfortable when walking. Let's talk about cotton socks today.

Many businesses in the market are selling socks under the banner of pure cotton socks, but the definition of pure cotton is not to point to contain cotton content 100%, so we can say to be cotton socks only, and do not have pure cotton socks. The pure cotton of socks is a broad sense only, say from narrow sense the Angle that 70% above contains cotton to be able to call pure cotton.

Advantages of cotton socks

Advantages of pure cotton: soft and comfortable, warm, sweat absorption, no slippage between soles and insole, health care, durable wear. The specific benefits are as follows:

Above all: pure cotton socks have hygroscopicity, heat-resisting sex, sanitation. Cotton fiber makes dimensional have better hygroscopicity, fall in normal circumstance, fiber can absorb moisture to the atmosphere around, its moisture content is 8-10%, so it connects 100 touch the skin of the person, make the person feels soft and not stiff. If the cotton cloth humidity increases, the surrounding temperature is higher, the water component contained in the fiber will all evaporate away, so that the fabric maintains a water balance, making people feel comfortable.

Next: cotton socks apply personnel is wide, also can prevent sweat foot. The person of sweat foot had better penetrate air good athletic shoe or leather shoes of good quality leather, socks had better wear pure cotton, the skin that lets sole can rest.

Finally: good precision comb cotton is not easy to pilling, not deformation wear warm and sweat absorption.

The role of cotton socks

  1. Play a role in protecting the foot and beautify the foot.
  2. Cotton socks at the beginning, mainly play a role in the foot guard, so that the feet in winter can not be affected by the cold.
  3. Cotton socks as a barrier between the feet and shoes, can play a role in absorbing sweat, eliminating taste. Without this barrier, feet are prone to bacteria, which can lead to red, itchy skin.

Especially in summer, people's feet easy to sweat, do not wear socks directly wear shoes, especially wear plastic sandals, travel shoes and other bad permeability of shoes, will let the foot skin directly soaked in sweat, and fungi in the humid and hot environment easy to grow, will occur foot fungus infection, cause athlete's foot. Cotton socks have a strong effect of absorbing sweat and removing taste, which can block fungal infection to the greatest extent.

The dangers of not wearing socks

  1. Increased risk of trauma and infection

Barefoot wearing shoes makes the skin of the foot exposed in large quantities, easy to be bruised or bitten by mosquitoes, walking more will also make the foot wear blood blisters. Bacteria in the air can stick to the skin, and if the skin is not treated in time, it can cause infection.

  1. Easy to cause skin keratosis and dermatitis

Do not wear socks, direct contact between the foot and shoes easy to heel, toes and shoes often contact parts of the cuticle longer thicker, increased the probability of callosity.

In addition, a few people wear shoe to walk for a long time barefoot, instep, toe and shoe rub place to appear skin easily aglow, papule, blister wait for a symptom, this is because the skin is allergic to the material such as leather, rubber shoe is caused by, it is a kind of contact sex dermatitis.

  1. Catching cold is easy to cause foot problems

Feet adipose layer is thin, heat preservation is bad, blood is bad, so the skin temperature of the sole of the foot is low, catch cold extremely easily. Once the foot gets cold, can reflex ground causes on the respiratory tract mucous membrane capillary to contract, bring about respiratory tract resistance to drop, the germ in the air can take advantage of and enter, cause a variety of diseases such as hot cold. When it rains, bare feet suffer from cold, still can cause gastric ache, lumbar leg to ache, female still can produce dysmenorrhea, etc.

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