Custom Christmas Socks

When Christmas is coming, has your band or company launched Christmas socks yet? Do you have the idea of customizing Christmas socks as holiday gifts for guests?

We can implement the idea of custom socks for you. Christmas socks are very popular. To cater to the festive occasions of Christmas, a pair of Christmas socks is indispensable. What are Christmas socks? Different from ordinary socks, the colors, and patterns of Christmas socks are based on Christmas elements, and they are worn during Christmas, which is more in line with Christmas occasions. Custom Christmas socks can also be given as gifts to family and friends. You can even add your blessings to the socks.

Christmas is also known as the birth of Jesus, translated as "Christ-mass", is a Christian country's traditional festival, originated in Christianity, on December 25 each year. Christmas is a religious festival because it is the birth of Jesus to celebrate, so-called "Christmas." Most of the Catholic church will be in the first 24 Christmas Eve, that is, December 25 in the early hours of the morning to hold midnight Mass, and some Christian churches will be held good news, and then on December 25 to celebrate Christmas; Another branch of Christianity, the Orthodox Church, celebrates Christmas on January 7 each year.

Christmas ring: The decorations hung at home during CHRISTMAS are usually made up of green branches and leaves or rattan (pine wood, pine needle, etc.) and silver metal and gold bell with red ribbon to form the main color: green, white, yellow, red, which represents joy and happiness. Above all, MERRY CHRISTMAS or short for Xmas is written.

The Christmas Tree: It is one of the most famous traditions in the Christmas celebration. An evergreen plant such as pine is usually brought into the house or outdoors around Christmas and decorated with Christmas lights and colorful decorations. And put an angel or a star on top of the tree. An evergreen tree decorated with fir or cedar lights and ornaments as part of Christmas celebrations.

Christmas cards very popular in the US and Europe. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with the CARDS. The news usually includes the advantages and advantages of the family members in the past year.

In addition to expressing joy and joy at Christmas, sending Christmas CARDS are a way of expressing appreciation to relatives and friends. Especially to the relatives and friends in solitude, is the kind of care and comfort.

Christmas stockings

Legend has it that Santa Claus is an old man with a white beard and a red coat. Every Christmas he comes from the north on a sleigh pulled by deer. He goes into the houses by the chimney. He puts the Christmas presents in the socks and hangs them on the children's beds or in front of the fire. Because Christmas socks are to be used to pack gifts, so is the children's favorite thing, at night they will hang their socks on the bedside, waiting for the next morning to receive gifts.

Types of custom Christmas socks

Custom Christmas socks support your individual design and will be more unique than regular socks. According to technology differences, cotton Christmas socks usually divided into four major categories:
1.Custom Christmas Dress Knit Socks
2.Custom Christmas Athletic Knit Socks
3.Custom Christmas Dress 360 Degree Sublimation Socks
4.Custom Christmas Athletic 360 Degree Sublimation Socks

Unlike knitted socks, printed socks allow you to print the picture you want on the socks, which compensates for the pattern that can't be knitted.

Custom Christmas socks allow different lengths. You can choose from the following custom socks lengths:
1)No show/invisible Christmas socks
2)Ankle Christmas socks
3)Quarter Christmas socks
4) Crew Christmas socks
5) Mid-calf Christmas socks
6) Knee-high Christmas socks

According to the gender can be divided into:
1.Custom Christmas men's socks
2.Custom Christmas women’s socks
3.Custom Christmas children's/baby socks

According to materials difference, custom Christmas socks could be divided into:
a. Customized cotton socks b. Customized nylon socks c. Customized wool socks d. Customized fuzzy socks

Socks design & color :

When we think of Christmas, we have to think of the elements that light up the Christmas occasion: Nice Santa Claus, Christmas hats, green Christmas trees, lovely Christmas elk, beautiful Christmas rings, exquisite Christmas card, merry Christmas carols, white snow, Christmas socks with gifts, etc. All of these popular Christmas elements have unique cultures and histories that can be added to socks.

The color of Custom Christmas socks can choose: Christmas socks are mainly red, white and green.