Custom Boat Socks Make You Cooler in Summer

The hot summer is coming. Do you feel hot for your long socks in your daily life? Or when women don't want to wear long, regular socks with low-cut uppers shoes. At this point, if it's just for casual wear, not for formal events or sports. You definitely need a pair of boot socks to keep you cooler. I go to play sports, or the recommendation to wear professional sports socks.

Boat socks are very short socks, it called low cut ped sock. How short is it? When you put the shoes on, the sock is completely hidden inside the shoes (or can only be seen at the edge of the sock), the sock top is below the ankle, and the sock has an opening at the feet back. The name "boot socks" comes from the fact that the socks are shaped like a boat and are no longer than the ankle, so they are also called "ankle socks," "super short socks," or "invisible socks".

Boat socks are a special kind of socks because they are different from ordinary socks. This is loved by fashionable young men and women, especially in the summer, when bare feet are uncomfortable and regular socks are too hot. This is the time to wear a pair of breathable and beautiful invisible socks, both comfortable and beautiful. These socks will not visually shorten the length of the leg, making it look longer.

Boat socks originated in Japan, used in the house barefoot, popular throughout the world. It's a sock with an opening in the foot's back.

There are many different styles of hosiery: jacquard, added non-slip glue, added sponge, lace at the top of hosiery, etc. Boat socks are divided into lace boat socks and cotton boat socks.

Why are boat socks classified? In fact, boat socks have different kinds: jacquard, added non-slip glue, added sponge, lace at the top of hosiery, etc.

What materials can be used to customize the boat socks?

Cotton: Cotton is one of the best materials and commonly used for socks as it is light in weight and absorbs moisture. The cotton fabric is washable and is quite durable as well. Socks made of cotton are breathable, soft and warm, durable, and comfortable. These advantages are why over the years, cotton socks have always been popular.

Nylon:Nylon is widely used in sock making as the material is durable and is quite resistant. Nylon is ideal for making socks that undergo and a lot of stretching and pulling. Socks made of nylon are breathable. Nylon socks also assimilate moisture when compared to socks made using fabrics other than cotton or wool. Even though nylon has so many advantages, it is not expensive. So nylon is also popular among people.

Spandex: Have good flexibility. Spandex is commonly known as Lycra or Elastane and is commonly used in each kind of socks.

When wearing boat socks in daily life?

1.Take special care not to let jewelry or nails scratch the surface when putting on or taking off socks.
2. Prevent heel breakage during the dry season
3.Always check whether the inside of the shoes is smooth to prevent debris from unnecessary abrasion of the washing instructions.
4. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring dry, dry towel adsorption excess water.
5. Let dry in a cool place.
6. You'd better not expose yourself to the sun.

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