basketball socks

I believe that many friends like basketball are not only interested in basketball, sneakers,  also have a certain understanding of it. Basketball socks compared to ordinary socks, the most representative difference is the non-slip of the soles of the feet, wearing basketball socks when playing basketball will at least be safer. So what are the specific functions of basketball socks?

The importance of basketball socks in playing

NBA legend kobe Bryant once asked designers to create better hosiers so basketball players could no longer wear two pairs of socks at once on the court. He said, “The socks are the first line of defence, the feet are the most important part of the game and you have to look after the”

NBA player Kevin durant often wears two pairs of socks, hoping to give his heels and ankles strong shock protection. He also gave important advice for the basketball socks, which are highly cushion-proof. "I need a lot of cushion-proof protection, but I also want my feet to feel the court," durant told the team.

The difference between basketball socks and ordinary socks

Any athlete will tell you: socks are important. Basketball players have a unique relationship with their shoes and often have a lot to say about how socks provide comfort, protection and grip. In addition, the tradition of wearing socks during the game is an important ritual for the players and includes special habits such as wearing more than two layers of socks, one high and one low, or concentrating the hose on the ankle.

1.The wrapping force of hosiery of hosiery and common hosiery is different, hosiery of hosiery of hosiery of hosiery of hosiery is worn on the foot have apparent wrap and tight feeling, in that way shoe hosiery more heel foot, more not easy hair wrinkle affects foot feeling. And ordinary socks won't notice pack force, it is more inclined to a few masses.

2.Basketball socks and ordinary socks every detail level, and integrated into the movement characteristics of different levels, different sports sole action urgent transformation to quite a lot, so basketball socks for foot protection performance is high, the basketball player's relationship with their shoes has a unique, bring comfort, protection and grip for socks, etc., players usually have many requirements. And ordinary socks won't notice in athletic respect, it pays attention to the comfortable sex at sole.

3.The hosiery that hosiery weathers working procedure, seaming working procedure, raw material of hosiery and common hosiery are different, the character that wear-resisting hosiery is the most realistic, and the hosiery working procedure most direct highlight is on the thin and thick of hosiery. Ordinary socks in the processing will not be inclined to wear resistance.

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