Custom baseball socks

Baseball is becoming more and more popular. The physical action of this sport on the field is varied, and now in the market of existing baseball socks material single, could not have comfort and functional, the single coarse cotton material has poor elasticity after cleaning for many times, can not reduce the running resistance, and most of the baseball socks using single fiber material, wear time long feet easy to sweat, airtight, athletes to wear uncomfortable influence mood can also affect the results of the competition.

We here recommend a special custom baseball socks factories, Yinuo knitting co., LTD., for everyone, they adopt new technology to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional baseball socks, this new type of socks in the area of close contact with the ground with non-slip materials weave, increases the friction between the feet and shoes, slippery, the remaining parts on sewing materials added spandex, wear close-fitting and comfortable, good wash, easy dry, especially the resistance is very small, can improve the running speed. It will not strangle your feet, and it is not easy to slip off. It will give full play to your potential and show your perfect self. Below we can have a good talk about the specific role of baseball socks and wear.

How to wear baseball socks correctly?

As the weather warms up, bare legs seem to be cold, but you don't want to wear long pants yet. If you still want to show off your legs, you should have baseball socks. Baseball socks are originally the standard equipment of baseball players, the classic parallel bars, so that the baseball socks are full of strong college atmosphere, full of youth, and different length, also have different beauty.

The short style is classic

Short socks have always been the majority of the choice of most people, but also more suitable for more shoes, short baseball socks with classic version, simple design, deeply loved by boys and girls. In the early spring, choose short baseball socks, with low-top canvas shoes or skateboard shoes, let the classic two bars exposed in the line of sight, fashion youth and tone.

Long and medium styles are stylish and elegant

In long money was more fashionable some, street style is more full-bodied also, dare to try it if, in long version model can more absorb eyeball, tie-in shorts, street style comes out well. Mid-length baseball socks, with their more obvious features, are less kitschy and counter-productive with sneakers and sports sandals, and above the ankles, they don't look bulky.

Long style is Japanese style

Do these long baseball socks immediately remind you of high school girls in Japanese comics? Yes, the delicate terry cotton will outline the leg shape and make the show more slim. For the cool spring, hose is the savior of the cold, not only solve the cold, with a small skirt can still be super beautiful and moving, with a sense of girlhood!

The difference between baseball socks and football socks

Football sock

It is a single rib weave long flat knee stockings. The raw materials used are cotton yarn and wool yarn. Cotton yarn football socks are usually made of no.28 yarn. Wool football socks are made of either no. 18 or No. 16 double knit fleece. On the cuff and legging, there are usually different colors of colored stripes woven. Because the soccer-sock mouth is a ribbed opening, the elasticity is better, put on after can clingy crus. Football socks in the wearing, generally in the inside of the flap with a wide belt, in order to prevent strenuous exercise and make the socks down.

Effect of football socks

Foot protection is the most important; At the same time to install the leg guard board, and to be made into a long tube; The color of the socks on the court is generally different between the two teams, so players can more easily distinguish friends from enemies in the melee; Wearing socks also tightens the muscles in the legs, making them easier to use.

Baseball legging

The shape, materials and function of the socks are similar to football socks. But the length of the foot and the joint are slightly different. Baseball socks have a slightly longer foot climb attached to the front of the stocking, while football socks have a slightly shorter foot climb attached to the middle of the stocking. Because the joint part of the foot climbing is different, so that the two kinds of socks wear different ways. Football socks can be worn without distinction, while baseball socks must be worn without distinction, with the forward side of the foot in front and the other side behind. The main reason for this distinction between baseball and football socks is to facilitate the identification of two different types of socks.

Effect of baseball socks

Baseball, similar to football and football, belongs to a more intense sports. During the game, there will be sliding bases, throwing bases and other more dangerous actions. So, again, to protect your feet from injury.

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