Custom Bamboo Fiber Socks

What are bamboo socks?

Bamboo fiber socks are made of bamboo fiber worsted from natural bamboo. Bamboo fiber socks can sweat and breathe well, and have a good deodorizing effect in summer. Your feet will also feel cooler.

Bamboo fiber unique porous structure, so that it has strong moisture absorption, moisture release, soft elasticity, natural high strength antibacterial, antibacterial, mildew, mite control special efficacy, can effectively remove odor, make the foot all day fresh and comfortable.

Socks using natural bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additives, soft and silky, wet absorption capability is a strong, effective antibacterial, UV protection, to ensure that environmental protection, green, health, more reveal human nature concern, with six efficacy and bamboo fiber has better ductility and tensile force, not tight, not easy to lose, comfortable, as if the body's second skin, and a perfect body fit, consistency, helps to keep blood circulation unobstructed, whether in the daily work or exercise all let you easily naturally, without constriction. Say goodbye to smelly feet and give your feet a fresh breathing environment.

Choose custom bamboo fiber socks, you can choose the following types:

According to technology differences, Custom baby print socks are usually divided into two major categories

1.Custom Bamboo Dress Socks
Suitable for daily wear, especially in summer, will be more comfortable than ordinary socks.
2.Custom Bamboo Athletic Socks
Athletic socks containing bamboo fiber are not easy to relax, ductility and tensile strength are good, importantly, fiber socks are better for sweating and ventilation.

Bamboo fiber has the characteristics of good air permeability, antistatic, environmental protection, etc. Socks made of this material are comfortable and suitable for the old, the young, and the children. So you can customize the following two categories according to age:

1. Youth/Old age bamboo fiber dress socks/athletic socks
2.. Kids bamboo fiber dress socks/athletic socks

You can choose from the following custom sock lengths:

1)No show/invisible bamboo fiber socks
2)Ankle bamboo fiber socks
3)Quarter bamboo fiber socks
4) Crew bamboo fiber socks
5) Mid-calf bamboo fiber socks
6) Knee-high bamboo fiber socks

If you have special size requirements, you can also send customized detail requirements to us.

Custom bamboo fiber socks with the colors you can choose:
We have 1000+ available cotton and +1000 nylon yarn in stock to match Pantone colors. For customization, please provide the Pantone color that you want.

The use and washing precautions of bamboo fiber socks

Bamboo fiber socks belong to special material socks, it is more special than ordinary socks material. So, in order to make the service life of socks longer, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. It is not recommended to contact or use hot water exceeding 40 degrees Celsius for a long time (more than 3 hours);
2. Bamboo fiber socks should use less alkaline washing liquid such as soap, do not use strong alkaline or strong acid, use a general medium (alkaline) washing products
3. Please do not rub vigorously and gently;
4. After washing, please do not wring hard, but gently knead and wring;
5. bamboo fiber socks are very absorbent, socks should be changed frequently;
6. Always trim your toenails;
7. Sock cuff should be turned down when wearing, put on the sock's toe, and then back up. Do not kick violently.

Do you know how to custom bamboo fiber socks online?

3 easy steps of how to custom socks online:

1.Select a sock. Search the socks on the YINUO socks home page to choose your socks kinds. size and color preference.
2.Design your sock:Email us your artwork or photo to create your socks. Design formats: PDF/AI/JPG/PNG/PSD/BMP etc format all support.
3.Place your order:We'll start making the socks for you and ship them to you within one month.