Custom Bamboo Cotton Boneless Socks

As we all know, socks usually consist of the top of a stocking, the top of a stocking, the heel of a stocking, the body of a stocking, etc., and the "bone" in the word "boneless" refers to the suture at the junction of the stocking, figuratively speaking, like a bone.

The stocking head of boneless socks is stitched by hand with the help of special equipment. The stitches are fine and the seams are flat so that the wearer can hardly feel its presence and avoid foot grinding.

And the hosiery head that has bone socks is the machine that computer program controls sew, cannot accomplish manual so exquisite, the 3 times thick that general juncture place can accomplish manual seam head is very fierce already.

A skilled hosiery seamstress can produce only about 300 pairs (mainly depending on the number of stitches) in eight hours, while a machine can produce at least 2,500 pairs in the same amount of time. So the cost of making boneless and boneless socks is obvious. The high cost and low output of hand-stitched heads doomed boneless socks to become a scarce commodity in the market.

Definition of bamboo cotton boneless socks

Bamboo cotton boneless socks, as the name implies, the name of the product implies the most salient feature of the product, one is the bamboo cotton blended process, one is boneless sewing process, the two kinds of craft, actually in the textile industry is not only a year or two, the bamboo cotton blended materials as early as a few years ago used in towels, underwear products, and no bone seam head, has been a lot of high-end socks special quality technology.

The boneless socks made of bamboo cotton blended material and knitted by cross-seam technology are bamboo cotton boneless socks.

Material blended with bamboo and cotton

The definition of bamboo cotton blended material actually reveals the little-known corner of the bamboo fiber products, bamboo fiber has long been known in many consumer impression, its breathable moisture absorption, antibacterial deodorant properties by the user consistent high praise, but few people pay attention to bamboo fiber products of bamboo fiber content, the textile industry people all know that bamboo fiber itself is not spinning, must and other blended yarn, cotton yarn or to textile garment yarn finished products, and the ratio of bamboo fiber content in yarn finished products directly determines the quality and the price of the yarn, 80/20 (i.e., 80% of the other cotton bamboo fiber + 20%) and 50/50 (i.e., 50% + 50% of other bamboo fiber cotton yarn), as the cotton yarn factory constantly spell spell cost of price, finally the 15/85 (that is, the other 15% of the bamboo fiber + 85% cotton) of cotton yarn, 15% content of bamboo fiber yarn was the lowest point, below the content of bamboo fiber blended yarn and ordinary cotton, although has some effect of bamboo fiber, but the proportion significantly reduced 15/85 of bamboo fiber yarn is not suitable for referred to as the "bamboo", So there is the name of bamboo cotton yarn, "bamboo cotton" two words, hence.

Bamboo cotton blend with boneless sewing

This is actually a more successful innovation strategy because the bamboo cotton blended and boneless sewing itself is not a new technology, but combine two technologies used, knitting socks, it is a new product, it has the excellent properties of bamboo fiber material, and let your toes no longer bound by sewing line, bamboo cotton boneless socks all over the sales terminal, just to verify the success of the innovation strategy.

A good pair of boneless bamboo cotton socks needs workers' careful material selection and production, so the raw material cost and labor cost will be more expensive than ordinary socks, so the general price will be much higher than ordinary socks.

But good craftsmanship also makes socks last longer, so there are many advantages to buying them. If you find it difficult to find good and inexpensive bamboo cotton boneless socks in the market, you can choose custom bamboo cotton boneless socks.

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