Custom Badminton Socks Allow You to Move More Flexibly

Playing badminton, in addition to having a suitable badminton racket, suitable badminton shoes, a pair of professional badminton socks is also indispensable, because badminton sports for footwork movement requirements are very high. Customize a pair of badminton socks to fit you, and add to your athletic experience.

The athlete should start repeatedly on the field, move forward and backward, brake, etc., so the request to the ball socks is much higher than the general sports item. What about professional badminton socks?

Compared with ordinary socks, excellent custom badminton socks have the following characteristics.

1. Material

The material of badminton socks is mainly cotton, cotton is the most commonly used material to custom socks, the advantage of cotton socks is soft, friction, sweat absorption. The softness ensures good protection for the toes; Great friction ensures that the foot will not slip inside the shoe and damage the toe due to the slip of the socks. Sweat absorption reduces the odor of your feet and extends the life of your sneakers.

All cotton is not to point to contain cotton 100% actually, generally speaking, content arrives 75% above to be able to call all cotton. The reason that cannot reach contain cotton 100% is that cotton socks still need to add a few functional fibers to increase the flexibility, firmness, and comfort of socks, and spandex, polyamide fiber, and so on are very common functional fibers, socks containing these functional fibers are also good socks.

Because the cotton content of socks and the appearance of socks wear resistance, smoothness, and elasticity form an inverse ratio, so 100% cotton socks are not the best elastic and comfort products, on the contrary, due to lack of elasticity and easy to lead to the situation of wearing loose.

2.The sole of badminton socks is thickened.

Badminton players move a lot on the court. They frequently start, brake and push off the ground. There is a lot of friction between socks and shoes.

Shuttlecocks have a fairly high frequency of stops and starts, so the packing strength of the socks is very important. In addition, the badminton movement of running distance is relatively long, so socks consumption will be slightly larger. To meet these requirements, the sole of the shuttlecock needs to be thickened.

The sole of sports socks is mostly terry. It is softer, thicker, and more durable. The heels of the feet are also thickened. If you wear regular socks to play badminton for a long time, there is a risk of blisters on your toes. Custom badminton socks can be made with either a full or half terry. Full terry means that terry on the back and sole of the foot, while half terry is only on the soles of the feet.

3. Breathable mesh

Badminton socks also need to have a property - air permeability. When you exercise, your feet will sweat and get hot. If your socks are not breathable, your feet will feel stuffy and uncomfortable. So custom badminton socks can also add breathable mesh fabric.

4.Good elasticity

Professional customized badminton socks have good elasticity, and good elastic socks will stick together without slipping. Excellent elasticity can make the friction between the sole and the sole stronger so that people will have a lower probability of falling due to unstable foot grip in badminton. Moreover, the fiber clumps of socks with poor elasticity after washing will lead to the deformation of socks, making all parts not uniform, and people will feel foot grinding in sports.

5.The choice of thickness

Sports socks are not as thick as they should be. Want to choose thin according to specific circumstance decision or thick, generally speaking, the person that the foot perspires easily, appropriate chooses slightly thick sock; Instead, choose thinner socks. In addition, if you have an ankle injury, you should wear thick socks, which can stabilize and protect the ankle.

6. Length of custom badminton socks

The custom badminton socks are usually quarter socks or crew socks, longer than the ankle socks.

Professional badminton socks are different from ordinary socks. The biggest feature is knitting and material: the bottom is terry and thickened, the toes and heels are thickened, too. The upper part of the feet is breathable mesh, with an arch compression, which makes the socks not easy to loosen. Use good quality combed cotton to make.