Custom Athletic Socks

With the rise of the running trend, all kinds of running equipment began to enter daily life. Runners protect themselves by using these new, tech-savvy running gear to help them perform their sports better. One of the most common pieces of equipment that plays so many important roles is often overlooked: athletic socks.

Athletic socks, as the name suggests, refer to socks especially worn during sports. But most people don't think much of it, because in many people's idea, a pair of socks as long as there are no holes, good quality can be worn to exercise. There's nothing wrong with that idea, except that more targeted athletic socks can help us a lot more than plain socks.

So, how do athletic socks help runners? We can learn about it together!

What are real athletic socks?

First, we need to know what are real athletic socks? When we exercise, the strength of the foot can be up to 7 to 10 times the body weight. Different exercises produce different pressures and impacts, and socks play an important role in sports protection. Taking running as an example, running makes the foot bear 3-7 times of weight, and the pressure from the moment the foot touches the ground to the process of lifting the foot is not equal, so the heavy part is easy to cause repetitive motion injury.

When an injury occurs, the body naturally reacts to it by putting pressure on it in a different way to avoid the pain. This is called a compensatory action, and the longer the abnormal force is applied, the greater the accumulated damage. That is to say really good athletic socks, it is to be able to improve the condition of the sole force, thus reduce the harm caused to the body because of uneven force.

Also, be because want to achieve true force to be equal, need extremely high design ability and material cost, so real athletic socks are expensive.

How do athletic socks help?

Unlike the socks we wear on a daily basis, professional athletic socks have the following functions that can help runners perform better while running.

1. Better sweat absorption

One of the basic functions of athletic socks is to improve sweat absorption through more scientific knitting methods and targeted materials.

In running, especially in long-distance running, people's feet will have a lot of sweat, without good athletic socks to absorb sweat will easily lead to sweat through socks to the insole, running shoe lining, and other parts.

At this point, it will easily affect the feel of running shoes, etc., and accelerate the wear and tear of running shoes.

2. Increase friction to stabilize feet

The bottom of daily socks that are woven evenly is smooth, unlike athletic socks that have special woven treatment at the bottom of the foot, it is difficult to have greater friction with the insole in order to stabilize the foot. Don't underestimate this ability. Many knee and ankle injuries can be the result of unstable feet inside running shoes.

3. Thicken targeted to protect your feet

Hold a pair of athletic socks in your hand and you can see that they have been thickened in several places. The thickening of the toes, for example, is meant to prevent damage to the toes and the fabric lining the inside of the running shoe if there is a top toe problem. Some athletic socks with higher tops are also thickened around the ankles, heels, and Achilles tendons to avoid rubbing those areas when running shoes are made of stiffer material.

4. Provide support

Another difference between athletic socks and regular socks is that athletic socks tend to be better wrapped and, with some thickening, they provide some support to the runner's foot.

5. improve the sense of feet, buffer protection

Thicker athletic socks often give runners a good feel and cushioning. Many runners don't think a pair of socks offers much shock relief, but in fact, a pair of athletic socks don't. From personal experience, the difference between running barefoot and wearing socks is clear. If you also try to run barefoot, a good pair of athletic socks are a good choice. The good feeling of feet will also make you more motivated to run.

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