Custom Antibacterial Deodorant Socks

We all know that socks are something we wear every day of the year. For those who often suffer from foot sweat and foot odor, it would be a great blessing to have a sock to prevent foot odor. Deodorant socks are a new type of socks born in recent years. They are different from the traditional socks in the past. Socks often adopt some antibacterial mechanism to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of fungi, so as to achieve the effect of deodorization. So this can be said to be a typical example of the convenience brought by the development of science and technology to people's real life.

How to choose comfortable antibacterial deodorant socks?

1.Tactile impression

There are a lot of antibacterial technologies in the market, through the antibacterial master grain added in the chemical fiber processing is relatively easy to achieve, so the main ingredient of antibacterial socks is spandex, touch the elasticity is very sufficient, but the effect of moisture absorption and sweat is limited, it is because of sweat and bacteria mix for a long time, a large number of bacteria breeding, resulting in foot odor. Natural fiber socks, such as cotton/combed cotton, are comfortable to the hand and difficult to be processed by natural fiber technology. Generally, the pre-treatment method is adopted, with antibacterial effect, water resistance, and easy release of antibacterial components. Feel and feel not only the ingredients, stretch to feel the tight and elastic socks, antibacterial socks with good quality, stretch tight, high density, good elasticity, not easy to wear loose. Good workmanship, inside the use of manual stitching way, comfortable to wear.


Antibacterial deodorant socks because the production process is difficult, so the cost of the production is much higher than ordinary socks, which determines its market price will be higher. If a pair of socks with a retail price of less than 10 yuan should be carefully considered, it is certain that ordinary socks or those with weak antibacterial function are far from the long-term antibacterial and deodorant effect.


The products of antibacterial socks are very much, consumers are difficult to distinguish between real and fake, easily replaced or faked, some even do not have the corresponding logo or test report, there is a logo, also because consumers are not professional, there is exaggerated or untrue suspicion, FZT73023 set the standard of antibacterial performance grade, no antimicrobial grade identification.

The identification or test report should indicate the selected test method, the most important point is must choose through the national testing agency certification or professional testing agency testing has authoritative report antibacterial socks!

What are the benefits of wearing antibacterial and deodorant socks?

1. Antibacterial function: The previously cultivated harmful bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus, can proliferate in cotton and wood fiber products by putting the bacteria on the deodorant socks for one hour, the bacteria disappeared 48% and were killed 75% after 24 hours.

2. Hygroscopic and dehumidification function: the porous structure of antibacterial and deodorant socks has good functions of hygroscopic and dehumidification, so as to automatically adjust the human body humidity balance.

3. Deodorization and adsorption function: the special internal ultra-fine pore structure makes it have strong adsorption capacity, can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and ammonia in the air, and eliminate undesirable odor.

4. Soft and comfortable function: with fine unit fineness and soft feel; Good whiteness, bright colors; Strong toughness and wear resistance, with unique resilience; It has strong longitudinal and transverse strength, stable and uniform, good drape.

5.The antibacterial socks made by special technology can firstly inhibit the growth of the bacteria on the feet, and at the same time, all kinds of bacteria and fungi breeding in the shoes can be killed, so it has a good therapeutic and health care effect on the beriberi caused by fungi. It overcomes the shortcoming of the traditional meaning of nanosilver in textiles which is not firm and has no antibacterial effect after washing once or twice.

Of course, you think it difficult to buy comfortable and practical antibacterial deodorant socks in the market, you can also choose custom antibacterial deodorant socks, after all, this has a special effect on socks, or need to pay attention to the effect and performance of socks.

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