Custom Ankle Socks

Ankle socks, as the name implies, are socks with a shorter body length. The actual length of the sock body is 5 cm above the ankle and covers the whole ankle when worn.

Ankle socks are also a kind of socks, people of all ages are suitable, wearing very comfortable and beautiful. Although winter bares an ankle to be very fashionable, it is bad for the body, after all, so a lot of fashionable people begin to consider how to do not bare an ankle to still be able to maintain the fashionable feeling, had the newest and fashionable collocation of sheet shoe with sock then.

If you want to keep a fashionable feeling, try a pair of socks to protect your ankles.

Match the girl's ankle socks

1.Ankle boots with a pair of ankle socks are also relatively simple and easy to handle, if it is a color combination of ankle boots, then ankle socks can choose and ankle boots of the same color, color has a response, will not be abrupt.

Solid color ankle boots can choose the same color ankle socks, if you want to give a little more glaring, you can choose the color that is more colorful but not exaggerated ankle socks. Of course, you can try striped sports ankle socks, exposed socks part of the stripes, the effect is also good.

2.Next are flats shoes like sneakers and loafers. Little white shoes can be paired with dark socks like gray or black. Black loafers can be paired with bright red or Burgundy socks, which are just right.

Match the boy’s ankle socks

In numerous men's clothing collocation, can almost ignore the part of socks. Many people think that socks are invisible, Even if you don't wear them, it doesn't make any sense to your look.

In fact, it's not. It is easy to show them when you walk, and more so when you sit. As the link between pants and shoes, socks are playing the role of connecting, transition, and so on. Now let's discuss the matching skills of men's socks!

Match striped ankle socks

Stripes are also a common pattern in socks. They are relatively mature and sedate, suitable for formal wear, but too boring if they are just black, white and grey. Can choose deep purple, navy, wine red to join among them, match the leather shoes of black, gray already sedate have window again.

Match colored ankle socks

Bright leather shoes are best paired with bright socks. If you have a pair of beautiful blue shoes, be sure to pair them with colorful socks. The socks that decorate pattern of different color dot shape is the right choice, on the color can try boldly pink or purple, if want to get more attention, can choose the orange that mix color.

Match argyle ankle socks

Argyle ankle socks are common, but they are rare when paired with shoes with the same pattern. This kind of collocation has the beauty of certain coordination already, have the feeling of a bit of collision again, casual outfit, the formal outfit is appropriate.

Match plain ankle socks

The sock of pure color also has a window, use the sock of the pure color of ginger yellow, for example, must match wine red or the leather shoes of dark green ability to have a feeling.

If the same yellow department of leather shoes, it is not a waste of such a beautiful color. If a suit of black is tie-in the leather shoes of wine red, might as well suppress the gorgeous of wine red with the sock of black, gray pure color, whole wears outfit effect to be able to be better.

After learning so many ankle socks matching tips, do you want to buy these colorful, eye-catching socks?

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