Custmize your own tennis socks

Tennis is a ball game played between two singles players or two pairs. A player hits a tennis ball with a tennis racket across a net on a tennis court.

The origin and development of tennis can be summed up in four words: conceived in France, born in the United Kingdom, began to popularize and form a climax in the United States, the prevalence of the world, known as the world's second largest ball games. Up to now, it is still popular with the public.

If you like to play tennis, you know that the best tennis equipment helps to improve your game. You probably have taken a lot of time to focus on the right racquet and shoes, but there might be something you are missing.

What is it? A pair professional tennis socks, which make you more comfortable and more safer when playing tennis.

Yes, the socks you use to play tennis are just as important as the rest of your equipment, and they should not be overlooked. Below information will help you a lot when custom your own tennis socks.

Custom socks material

What's attractive about these tennis socks is the multiple fabric blend (42% polyester, 38% nylon, 5% cotton, 15% spandex), the lighter heel and toe padding, one-size fits all and the colorful collection. They get good ratings as a thinner, performance athletic sock. Polyester is the most-used synthetic fiber.

Polyester is washable and resistant to wrinkles. Is pretty much the same as Nylon but is less expensive. Socks made of polyester are breathable and absorb moisture and can easily survive wear and put out as well. Nylon is widely used in sock making as the material is durable and is quite resistant. Nylon is ideal for making socks that undergo and a lot of stretching and pulling. Socks made of nylon are breathable and used to make athletic socks generally. Nylon socks also assimilate moisture when compared to socks made using fabrics other than cotton or wool. Even though nylon has so many advantages, it is not expensive.So nylon is also popular among people. Cotton is one of the best materials and common used for socks as it is light in weight and absorbs moisture. The cotton fabric is washable and is quite durable as well. But 100% cotton socks will soak up an uneven amount of moisture and lose shape fast after a few miles of running.

Spandex as a material is known for its resistance to extending and is hence used in socks to help them stay in shape. Spandex is commonly known as Lycra or Elastane and is commonly used in long socks.

Custom socks length

Ankle Socks

If you were wondering what to wear with your low cut shoes like loafers, casual shoes or just something to protect your feet, these are perfect. As the name goes, the ankle length socks cover your feet just till the ankles and are perfect for all your casual occasions. Also, these look sophisticated and tasteful.

Perfect With : Informal and low cut shoes for sports, running, gym, etc.

Crew Socks

Crew length socks are used for outdoor physical activities like hiking, running, etc. These are about six to eight inches long, so depending on the length of your legs, they can go up to your calf muscles. They give excellent protection and coverage.

Perfect With : Informal or running shoes – for physical activities and informal purposes.

Calf Socks

Calf length socks cover up to your calf muscles and a little below your knee. Usually, sports people and athletes wear these because of the protection they give.

Perfect With : Running or sports shoes. Perfect for physical activities and high intensity outdoor workouts.

While all of the above lengths are usual for sports socks, but from experience, the ideal length for tennis socks is crew length.

Custom socks pattern

Not same as the stereotypical tennis socks on the market, custom socks can be customized in different patterns. Whether it is the team logo, or personality of the design, there are unlimited possibilities.

Most tennis players would agree that plain old socks just don’t cut it for an intense game. As comfortable as they may be for day-to-day use, or walking around the house, they just are not designed for high impact activity. The friction, sweat, and fatigue that are associated with intense sports require special designs and materials, and no two players are completely alike in their preferences or anatomy.

Luckily, custom tennis socks are not only a choice of better quality materials, we can also be customized in size & pattern. If you want to customize your own tennis socks for better quality or socks with your logo or different patterns, please feel free to contact us! We can custom professional tennis socks for you easily at any time.