Create your own socks personalized with text, photos, or other artwork



Simple and easy to use, create your own socks in every which way you would want. YINUO can design custom made socks in your colours and include logos, text and/or stripes as the design is knitted into the sock.

Personalized Socks

How to promote your business with Personalized Socks


‘Socks, the most undervalued, underrated, and under-marketed promotional merchandise!’

From the numerous promotional products available today - stress balls, USBs, hats, pads, pens umbrellas, and whatever you can think of, I genuinely and honestly believe that the sock that we put on daily is one of the most potent products available on the market. It is highly under-marketed, underrated, and undervalued in the promotional brand marketing industry.

What are Personalized Socks?

These are custom and personalized printing of your name, logo, brand name, initials, etc directly on a pair of socks. It could be gifted out to friends and well-wishers or given to clients as a gift item.

Who needs these personalized gift socks?

At one time in our lives, we have all worn socks. Some wear it to work daily, some others wear it to school while most people use it as professional athletes. Personalized sports socks are perfect for sportspersons who demand improved performance from their gear.

What material is mainly used to manufacture Personalized branded socks?

A synthetic fiber called Lycra is used in socks production due to its extreme elongating features. It takes in fibers such as silk, cotton, and other synthetic fibers. Its essential feature is its ability to stretch many times its size and return to its original shape. In socks production, it is added with other fibers such as Coolmax to preserve the socks’ shape, even in the toughest conditions.

Now, how can we carry out fruitful promotional marketing campaign and how we can adapt these to Personalized elite socks?

knee high socks custom

Brand Awareness

Personalized Socks can be used as a branding tool to promote your brand. I’m sure you’ll agree that whenever you find that pair of comfortable, soft, and stylish socks that fit very well, you’re probably going to wear them often and show them off when you sit at a table with your legs crossed.

The truth is, if you find a top quality product whether its socks or any other product that is durable, your brand awareness increases greatly.

This takes me to a huge element in brand awareness where our Personalized branded socks thrive;

Recurrence of Branding

It is a fact that an average customer wears our socks for two or more years and they wear it at least once every two weeks".

When we manufacture our personalized private label socks for the corporate marketplace, one of our main focus has always been subconscious marketing. Our focus is to manufacture a fun, innovative personalized elite socks that will be worn on a regular basis. Our ultimate objective is to maximize how many times a client sees your brand. We achieve this through delicate branding. We want anyone wearing our personalized elite socks to not only wear them on a regular basis (due to the design and quality) but also create a sought-after product that can go under the standard limits of perception;

"If our clients put on socks at least once a fortnight for over two years, they're theoretically seeing a brand presence without even realizing over that period. It’s a subconscious thing- wear socks, take it off, wash and dry, repeat".

Now, this is active marketing power at its very best. Show me a different product with that much active marketing potential, because I haven’t seen any in the promotional market.

women dress socks

Does the daily promotional 'Personalized branded socks' achieve a definitive win when it comes to brand awareness and promotional marketing? Yes, it does, as you can see, all the right boxes have been checked.

  • Quality (retail) product (check)
  • Durability (check)
  • Consistent use of the product (check)
  • Fun and fashionable (check)


If you are a brand and you’re thinking of doing brand awareness or you want to do promotional marketing, think of a commodity that will be in people’s faces. Something that will stay in their conscious and subconscious. Personalized branded socks IS THE KEY.

Everything You Need To Know About Parties& Events Socks

Socks have come a long way from being clothing worn to protect human being from humidity and cold to perfect fashion statement. Over time, many people globally are investing in various parties & events socks as a means of communication. Below are 5 places where you can wear socks to showcase personal taste, style and message.

Company Socks

Custom company socks are a great way to raise awareness of your brand. Due to its practicality and a bit of creativeness in branding of the company logo, a multitude of customers can be reached.

Events Socks

Unknown to many, there are people out there that like collecting cute socks as a hobby. One area to wear custom events socks is at such events as you will showcase the uniqueness of your design to win a reward.

Wedding Socks

Groomsmen can inject a little bit of flair in their attire by investing in custom wedding socks. Though the design is dependent on the grooms' taste, the wedding theme usually acts as a guide on the design.

Personal Collection

Everyday socks are a reason for getting own customized and private labeled socks. Ideally, if one does not have a way to pamper him/herself, investing in customized socks is one way to do that.

Birthday Parties

Finally, a party can be place to wear some good looking custom socks; especially birthday parties. Usually, depending on the age of a kid, hobbies and preference are generally portrayed in pieces of clothing with images of action figures, drawings etc. Borrow this and collect socks yearly to commemorate memories during birthday’s parties or to showcase a particular theme.

Socks Materials

When choosing parties & events socks, take time and consider the material you want to invest in. Take into consideration the season you want to wear the socks and the comfort level you desire from such socks. Some of the material types used in party and custom socks manufacturing are:

  • Wool used to manufacture sock for extremely cold seasons like winter due to heat retaining
  • Polyester material socks that retains color and suitable for everyday wear
  • Cotton material socks that are suitable for high humid areas and areas with wide temperature range as it regulates heat and is breathable.


How to order for Customized Socks

Depending on what kind of socks you want to invest in, customization of parties & events socks comes down to a few key steps. This includes

  • Design

If you have a preferred design in mind, you will be required to submit a design template of the sock.

  • Color

Next, pick from an extensive color collection the kind of color you fancy. Note that it’s essential to consider the event type as some events are more somber than others.

  • Size reference

Finally, ensure you input specific size reference in your socks order. When doing so, ensure that you also input the number of socks you want and you will have finished ordering custom branded socks for use.

Custom School Socks

Socks can keep your feet warm, make your beautiful shoes look lovelier. Likewise, are fun enough to sew in light of the fact that they are generally quicker than the bigger tasks.

The socks are, at best scenario regularly witnessed in; at times showed at complete wonder, having shorts and shoes. At best, just you and those that are nearer to you would value your choice of hosiery.

All things considered, if the style is significant in the kind of shoes that you are wearing, with regards to your socks, style is likewise significant, anyway sheer wear capacities are the principle need.

The most obvious distinction between socks, dress or custom athletic socks, is, in reality, the length. Then again, it's commonly the style choice. When you are encountering diabetes or different conditions which needs apparel to empower legitimate blood flow, a knee length sock is the best decision.

Who needs the Custom School Socks?

The correct pair of socks can include a touch of "amazing" to any look! Order custom school socks, custom college socks, custom team sports socks, and substantially more. We offer an assortment of styles for everyone out there.

Our custom games socks are made with a polyester mix that wicks dampness far from your feet for a dry, agreeable fit notwithstanding amid elevated amounts of movement. Pick custom athletic socks for games groups who need additional help while they move.

Nippy days require a comfortable pair of fleece socks! Our custom team sports socks can be modified with your plan and offer an agreeable, sturdy fit that is ideal for climbers.

Who says grown-ups are the main ones who get the opportunity to appreciate fun custom socks? We offer cotton socks in children sizes in an assortment of styles. Try our custom school socks and kid socks variety.

What Material Do We Use?

There are heaps of materials we utilize in making a sock. Let's look in some of them one by one:

Cotton– The most well-known fiber utilized in socks. A delicate, characteristic fiber from the cotton plant. It's breathable and solid.

Polyester– The most-utilized engineered fiber. Polyester is launder-able and impervious to wrinkles.

Nylon– Produces greater versatility, nylon is more grounded yet weighs less.

Spandex– More strong, impervious to body oils, spandex can be extended over 500% without breaking.

Wool– Wool is the first simple consideration fiber, normally has wrinkle opposition, it inhales with your body. Fleece keeps your feet dry and warm.

How the customization process works?


Our group will change over the logo or pictures you submit into a sock-accommodating structure


You'll get a custom mockup with your sock plan so you know precisely what you're getting.


We produce your request in-house and ship them straight to you!

What kind of business needs these socks? How to customize? What material mainly used?

Many think of socks as the “new tie” when it is about professionalism. No matter what business you belong, people notice your socks as a manifestation of your style. For your business attire, you need to pick the best and most suitable business socks as it tells others about your choice and style.

In what business and why?

Almost every business requires you to deal with important people every day. Suppose you are in a meeting and you might not know it, but the first thing the people sitting there will notice are your socks. Although business meetings are of different magnitudes such as sometimes you are just catching up with your boss and sometimes it is for the clients. Adding a pair of stylish socks to your dressing makes a huge difference in the first impression. Thus for every scenario, you need to look best to give your best and that can be accomplished by using the best business socks. Adding a pair of stylish socks to your dressing makes a huge difference to the first impression.

How to customize business socks?

Customized socks are an evergreen marketing tool and are best used for brand awareness in today’s market. Whether it is about you promoting your business, or making your socks perfect for a certain event, business socks can be customized in various ways. You can have custom private label socks or custom branded socks by putting your company’s logo on socks. It not only looks classy but also boosts your business. There is a knitting or printing technology that lets you have your socks customized in any way to make custom event socks or custom company socks. This technology lets you choose what you desire. You can have personalized business socks made to keep it professional and fun at the same time. Custom business socks are the best way to use your creativity to enhance your appearance in different scenarios.


Among all the materials used for business socks, the most common one is wool because of its great absorption properties. In fact, natural wool has the ability to absorb up to 35% of its weight in water. Wool naturally recovers from stretching very fast and thus it gives a comfortable feel. Cotton is also used for such socks and it has great absorption property too. It enhances the durability of socks and gives an exclusive feel. Silk, however, gives a pampering effect to your feet thus making it feel fantastic. Silk doesn’t promise durability and it isn’t very cheap either. There are other materials also like bamboo fibres that also provide comfort feel but low durability.

Business socks are the perfect choice for your everyday meetings but you must choose the ones that suit you the most.

How To Personalize Custom Socks For Your Sports Team


Apart from a pro-winning strategy and robust game play, athletes need another gold-medal-deserving treasury to secure victory in their games. We aren’t talking about team leadership here but more like support and strength on an individual level. We’re talking about the support, friction, grip and traction offered to individual athletes by their sport and team socks.

What Kind Of Team Wears Custom Socks?

So, what makes custom sport socks so special? If you’re wondering what kind of teams wear these socks, then let us tell you a little secret which is more like a winning sports’ gimmick. NBA players usually wear custom athletic socks that are printed with their logos or their names after a winning streak. In addition, these NA players, including soccer athletes as well, who play indoors on the court or out on the field for hours, prefer wearing their custom crew socks in double layers for firm grip and traction.

What Material Is Mainly Used?

Custom socks are primarily made up of wool, bamboo, polyester and cotton.
Polyester and Cotton
Polyester is not as expensive as cotton, but it provides great durability, traction and resilience on the field. It’s also a quick liquid absorbent so if you’re sweating, your socks will absorb and dry off quickly. Cotton, however, is recommended for use especially if the athlete or player has any skin allergies. Cotton is 100% authentic and therefore, highly expensive as well.
Most players switch to wearing woolen custom sport and team socks when the weather becomes too chilly. Woolen socks keep your tootsies warm while you’re busy kicking a goal out of the field. They have incredible insulation properties and are considered to be better than cotton socks due to their ability to absorb moisture. This means that if your feet are sweaty or cold, woolen custom sports socks will tend to keep your athletic pair toasty.


How to Customize Socks?

Personalization of elite premium brands of socks is not just a way to brag about one of the biggest arsenal known to athletes, but also as a way to remain protected at all times. Basketball courts can get slippery or the athlete can trip during a big leap at times as well.

Many players encourage wearing customized knit or sublimation socks so that their pair can grip their ankles and provide them with utmost protection at all times. Gathering that the fields and courts can get pretty out of hand at times, athletes would occasionally end up with hamstring or Achilles tendon injuries if it weren’t for custom ankle socks.

Are you thinking about ‘how to customize socks’? Then go to and choose a pair according to your preference and size! Once you wear the soft lend of these custom running socks, we believe you wouldn’t let go off them even during your school’s annual sock hop!