Courtesy of wearing socks

In the eyes of Westerners, socks are inextricably linked to human destiny. Many Westerners believe that wearing the wrong socks is a good thing rather than a bad thing. For example, if you wear the socks inside out when you are absent, then you will have a good day. It is also auspicious to wear two paired socks in a hurry, especially if their colors or styles are completely different.

Westerners encounter the above-mentioned situation, generally they tend to keep mistakes instead of correcting them, because it is said that correcting such mistakes will change their good luck throughout the day. Of course, deliberately wearing reverse or wrong socks is ineffective.

However, when we wear socks, if we do not distinguish between occasions and adapt to local conditions, we will give people a feeling of weirdness and disrespect. Therefore, we must choose socks with better textures to wear. When wearing, be sure to choose the color of the match. At the same time choose different socks according to different occasions, such as wear sports socks when exercising, when the calf is exposed, and when wearing more formal leather shoes, it is recommended to wear no show and so on.

For women, they usually wear skirts and sandals without socks, let alone silk stockings. Sometimes in winter, ladies like to wear silk stockings, on the one hand they are sexy, on the other hand they also act as a warmth. Remember that the color of the stockings must be matched with the clothing, try not to maverick.

Wear socks must be careful not to have holes or scratches in public places or workplaces, otherwise people will be very disrespectful, especially women's stockings or pantyhose, must pay attention.

For business people, it is generally not suitable to wear light-colored or personalized socks in formal wear. The color of socks is generally darker than that of pants and shoes. Do not wear white colors.

There should be more emphasis on the selection of socks, that is to say, it should be divided into occasions and adapted to local conditions, such as wear sports socks when exercising, when the calf is exposed, and when wearing more formal leather shoes, it is recommended to wear no show and so on.

Choose different socks according to different seasons, such as you can choose cotton socks in usual, wool socks with better texture and warmth in winter, and stockings in summer. Pay special attention to changing socks every day in winter to keep your feet clean and dry.

Wearing socks during sleep will affect the return of veins. The size of the feet and veins are superficial and easily compressed. If the weather is too cold, or easy to catch cold when sleeping, or need foot care, you can wear loose cotton socks. Or you can customize a pair of " sleep socks ".

For the elderly, the socks are too tight, it is easy to make red marks on the ankle, and it will also cause the venous blood to stagnate near the ankle, causing "traffic jam", which will increase the burden on the heart and cause high blood pressure in the long run. Long-term poor blood circulation in the feet will also make the feet cold, which may cause clavus and Footpad disease. Therefore, suitable for the elderly should be loose welt wool socks, cotton socks or silk socks.

Diabetics should wear less cotton socks. Cotton socks are most likely to cause blisters, nylon socks are the best, and cotton and nylon woven socks are centered. In recent years, the manufacturer of custom socks has also specially developed a custom sock for diabetic diabetic socks.