Common Custom Sock Material

Although socks are the supporting role of dress, socks did not choose right, wear not only uncomfortable, wear long may still affect foot health. Have you ever noticed how comfortable your socks are? Does it fit your feet? Today, I would like to share with you what kind of socks, to see what different people buy socks.

1. The most familiar sock material: Cotton

We usually prefer to wear socks made of 100% cotton, but is 100% cotton 100% cotton? Hosiery experts say no. If a sock is made of 100% cotton, it is cotton. Socks containing more than 75% cotton can be called 100% cotton socks. Socks containing 85% cotton in general are very high-grade cotton socks.

The disadvantage of pure cotton fabric is not resistant to sunlight, easy to send yellow, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, mildew quality, wears resistant. So cotton socks also need to add some functional fibers to maintain the flexibility, fastness, and comfort of the socks. Spandex, nylon, acrylic, dacron, and so on are very common functional fibers. Socks that do not contain these functional fibers are not good socks.

Combed Cotton for socks

Combed cotton is a long, neat cotton fiber left behind by a machine called a combing machine that removes the shorter fibers from ordinary fibers. Due to the removal of short cotton fiber and other fiber impurities, worsted cotton yarn is more delicate, the finished feel is smooth and comfortable, is a better quality of cotton.

Mercerized Cotton for socks

Mercerizing cotton is a kind of cotton fiber that is processed by mercerizing common cotton fiber in a concentrated alkali solution. This kind of cotton fiber has better glossiness than ordinary cotton fiber, is shinier, has silk composition, feels more lubricated, and is less prone to wrinkle under the premise that other physical properties do not change. Mercerized cotton is often seen in thin summer socks.

2. Socks with excellent warmth: wool (wool)

Wool is another common sock fabric. Wool socks feature excellent insulation but are relatively expensive. It is not usually used for work, but it is a good choice for household socks in unheated rooms. Wool socks keep warm and have a better effect on anti-odor feet, but the moisture absorption of wool socks is not infinite, sweat feet do not suit to wear wool socks. Poor quality wool socks also pilling easily.

3. Necessary material and fabric ingredients for socks: Spandex

Spandex is commonly known as elastic fiber, with high elasticity and strong elasticity, its stretch length can reach 5-7 times the fibrin, adding spandex textile products can maintain the original outline. Socks must contain spandex to make them elastic and retractable, making them easier to wear and allowing them to stick to your feet and, like a bathing suit, to wrap tightly around your feet without slipping off. So spandex is an essential ingredient in almost all socks.

Lycra is, in fact, a spandex fiber, colloquially, lycra is spandex, and spandex is Lycra.

Unlike traditional elastic fibers, lycra can stretch up to 500% and slowly return to its original shape. That is, the fibers can be stretched very easily, but when they are restored, they cling to the surface of the human body with very little binding force.

Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, hemp, silk, and cotton, to increase the fabric's close-fitting, elastic and loose nature, adding flexibility to the movement. And unlike most spandex, Lycra has a special chemical structure that prevents mold from growing in damp, hot, sealed Spaces after wet water.

Lycra has been described as a "friendly" fiber, not only because it blends completely with natural and man-made fibers, but also because it adds comfort, corset, mobility, and life to the fabric or garment.

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