Colorful Custom Printed Socks

The advent of printing technology undoubtedly brings infinite convenience and possibility to people's life. Nowadays, we can print colorful pictures not only on paper, but also on clothes and cups.You know, we can also print the pictures we want on the socks! It is custom printed sock!

The 360-degree seamless digital printing machine can print 360-degree seamless printing on socks, and also can print complex patterns such as gradient, and also can print 3D effect. The pattern is very lifelike, and the color fastness of grade 4 will not fade after washing. This means that the possibilities of customizing printed socks are endless.

Socks are a necessity in People's Daily life. With the continuous improvement of the consumption level, people pay more and more attention to the fashion and decorative function of socks.And d like to give unique socks on holidays or anniversaries. For example, you can print your lover’s face on a sock, or a picture of your favorite pet. Digital printing process, a good solution to the needs of people to personalized socks products, become a lot of customers in the new choice of product customization.

Digital printing has become the trend of sock customization. Only need to input the printing photo into the computer, on the 3D sleeve on a pure white socks, a key printing, and then complex patterns, can be presented in a few minutes on the socks, through the drying box high temperature fixed color, the pattern lifelike.

Whether it is a passionate football star or a sexy movie star, whether it is a fantastic sci-fi cartoon character or a relaxing landscape painting, whether it is a stunning night scene of New York or the Seine river of the Eiffel Tower...The pattern of one picture of colour profusion is shown on a pair of small socks incisively and vividly, can realize the connect of left and right sock pattern easily even.

Printed socks are mainly made of polyester, with a mix of nylon and spandex.This kind of material can print the pattern better.

Productive process of printed socks:

  1. Produce 168N or 200N complete blank socks before printing
  2. Input the printing photo into the computer and start printing
  3. Wash and dry the socks
  4. Boarding and inspection
  5. Packing

Advantages of printed socks:

1.Printing socks can be customized to a wider range

Because of the limitation of yarn color, the pattern of traditional sock jacquard is generally controlled within 6 colors, so there is a bottleneck in the production of complex pattern.But digital printing, not only can be customized a series of socks with different colors of the same pattern, in the process of proofing can also constantly adjust the pattern and color, the realization of the production trend of many varieties, do not need to consider the complexity of color, this is the largest technical advantage of digital printing socks from the traditional jacquard socks.

  1. Strong stability

Many people may wonder whether such complex patterns and rich colors can be easily faded by digital printing.The answer is no.After the completion of digital printing socks, through color fixation, chemical performance is very stable, there is no fading problem.

  1. Able to satisfy consumers with different pursuit of personalized products

For consumers of personalized products, they only need to send their favorite patterns to the manufacturers to realize their unique personalized customization needs, which fully meets the consumer demand for small batch customization with high quality.

  1. Profits increase

As a traditional labor-intensive industry, the sock industry has been relying on the advantage of cheap survival and development, and digital printing to fill the personalized socks customized market gap, its profit is much higher than ordinary cotton socks.

Socks, which can be so beautiful, are you ready to order a batch of hot sale and colorful custom printed socks?