Color Selection Tips for Custom Stockings

Today, custom socks are a popular trend, people prefer personalized socks, rather than ordinary, traditional design socks.

If we are going to customize socks, we must choose the right colors for the socks and match them with each other. Here are some color selection tips that you can follow not only in custom socks but also in everyday combinations to avoid color match-up errors.

1.The first choice is based on body shape and leg shape.

The most common colors for custom stockings are black and flesh, but there are also red, Burgundy, purple and white. Colorful stockings, such as red, blue, and other colors, only suitable for graceful leg shapes, slim women wearing.

A well-proportioned girl with long legs will look more elegant if she wears a pair of thin transparent stockings. For women with thicker legs, wear dark, straight, or thin stockings. This kind of socks visually narrows the legs. We all know that dark color clothes make people look thinner. If the legs are thicker and shorter, stockings are not suitable for wearing, but for dark or transparent beige, dark brown short socks. The color of the sock if can agree with the color of the shoe also can give a person with slender sense.

2.Stockings have a riot of color, so choose them according to your skin tone.

The woman with fair skin, with the long stocking that wears flesh color and light brown, had better because it can give a person a kind of harmonious, unified aesthetic feeling so, and unfavorable choose to wear black.

And the girl with darker skin, should not choose to wear white stockings, because the contrast of it and skin color is too strong, can make the person produces fault or top-heavy visual experience, also lost beautiful feeling thereby.

3.The choice of stockings is closely related to the dress

The choice of stockings is closely related to the dress, especially the color and texture of the skirt, as well as the color and style of the shoes. Pay attention to the dress, shoes, stockings can be a harmonious match to look decent. Generally speaking, the color of the stocking and shoe must match, and the color of the stocking should be slightly lighter than the color of leather shoes.

Large floral patterns and opaque stockings are ideal for flat shoes. The more complex the body is worn commonly, the silk stockings worn on the leg should be more simple. In addition, if the leg skin allergy history of women, should be appropriate to choose the texture of cotton or good permeability socks, at the same time, also should consider the summer sun strong, sweating, and other factors.

Stocking socks for each occasion


For daily busy working office women, might as well choose some clear color stockings, silver gray, dark blue, black will show calm, wisdom side. Such as: white or the gray of beaded gray stocking tie-in high brightness gray or white professional suit, simple but elegant and clean, show the professional personality of woman calm, intelligence clearly. Smaller fish net grain collocation does not also have amorous feelings one time, already fashionable does not break decent again.


Take off solemn, serious office figure, when wearing the short skirt that builds bare knee to go out to play, tie in a pair of long have miniskirt of dot pattern light color stocking of the knee, suit weekend outing or go out recreational vacation together with family most.

Social contact

When attending the grand meeting to wear an evening outfit, match a pair of appropriate silk stockings to make elegant and easy style especially outstanding. Gray silk stockings, wine red, black, gray, purple will appear solemn, noble, composed, and appropriate for these occasions.


To keep warm, it is best to wear a pair of stockings indoors, colors choose just depending on your preference.