Color Matching Skills for Men’s Socks

As a fashionable man, in addition to wearing clothes, he must master some skills and strategies. Some details cannot be ignored. There are a lot of details to pay attention to, and the matching of socks is really important. But often most boys will ignore these issues. Now share some tips on matching socks and teach you how to build a high-powered style.

Classification of men's socks

Generally speaking, men's socks are divided into three types:

1. Formal socks

Formal socks are essential items for white-collar men. They should be worn with suits and formal occasions. Formal socks are required to be of moderate thickness, with a length of about 10 cm below the knee, and close to the skin. Whether sitting or standing, there should be no wrinkles at the ankles, and the leg skin should not be exposed to the trousers. The color should be plain, natural jacquard is not bad.

2. Casual socks

Casual socks are so-called short socks that can be worn all year round. The manufacturing materials are mainly cotton, wool, and artificial wool. When wearing casual socks, pay attention to the color matching of clothing and shoes.

3. Sports socks

Don't let the socks lower your taste. Although the socks are small, they play an important role in men's clothing. So, men, if you have the conditions, prepare a special cabinet for socks! You should stock up on socks suitable for different occasions. When you buy socks, it is best to buy three pairs of each style in order to be replaced in time.

The color of socks should be matched with trousers first. Then consider shoes. The ideal color of socks is slightly darker than trousers but lighter than shoes.

The size of your socks must be one size larger than your actual size because the socks will shrink and become smaller after washing.

Professional dress socks: wear wool or cotton blended stockings, darker solid colors, neutral colors.

Professional casual wear: wear stockings or 7-point socks, the fabric is wool or cotton blend. The socks should match the pants.

Elegant casual wear: wear cropped socks with multicolor diamond patterns, or with small patterns, the color should be coordinated with the pants

Casual wear: In casual wear, you can wear your own socks

Sportswear: Different sports shoes have special socks, usually white sports socks

Evening dress: black silk stockings

Socks are used to matching pants

When matching, pay attention to the color of the pants, not the shoes. In addition to jeans, the color of your socks is best to match the color of your pants or darker. Because you are away from home, in addition to sitting, you will expose the socks under your trouser legs, and you will also encounter some occasions where you need to take off your shoes. Don't take off your shoes because of socks.

White socks are only suitable for sports

If you have graduated from high school, please don't just go out wearing white socks, unless you are doing sports such as running, playing ball, or fitness. Imagine wearing a suit and black shoes, but showing white socks when sitting down with a collaborator. He is really not a refined and stylish man.

Fashion shoes require fashionable socks

If you happen to be a trendy man, you must not match sports cotton socks, it will make your fashionable shoes rustic. Generally, sports socks are relatively loose and easy to pile up at the mouth of the shoe, which is definitely not a delicate match. Sleek fashion socks will be much more fashionable.

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