Collocation & Precautions of Long-Socks

Long-Socks Collocation

1. Work

For professional women who are busy with work every day, choose some pure color stockings, silver gray, dark blue, black will show a calm, intelligent side. Such as white or pearl gray stockings with a high-brightness gray or white professional suit, elegant and clean, clearly showing the woman's calm, intelligent professional personality. The smaller fishnet pattern with professional attire also has a sense of style, which is both fashionable and general.

2. Leisure

Remove the solemn and serious office image, a short skirt with bare knees, and a pair of translucent stockings with braided folds and mini spots on the side of the knee. It is best for weekend outings or leisure with family Vacations.

3. Social

It is suitable to wear gray-tone stockings, wine red, black, gray, purple will appear solemn, noble, and calm. When wearing evening clothes at the event, a pair of stockings with bones from the back makes the elegant style stand out.

4. Home

A pair of sexy stockings with lace borders, coupled with plain satin high heels suitable for the bedroom, let the rich lines appear, and the jade legs suddenly appear at the skirt, becoming a most sentimental and romantic woman.

Precautions of long-socks

1. Anti-slip

The socks are easy to fall due to the easy curling of the socks. The following small methods can prevent the socks from sliding: first, put a coin on the side of the socks, and then lower the socks down. This is because the legs of people are getting thinner from top to bottom.

The bottom is thinner than the top, the socks will be easy to loosen. And the rolled socks have a certain weight, the socks will be started to slide, that is, the more socks rolled up, the worse it fell. Put a coin in the socks, the socks will not roll, and the socks will not slide down. In addition, the coin is very light and slippery and does not make people feel uncomfortable.

2. Protection

Immerse the newly purchased socks in warm water for a while, wring them out or use a dryer to dry them, then iron them with a low-temperature iron. The socks treated in this way have much-improved durability.

3. Washing

When washing stockings, you should choose warm water with hand-washing as much as possible. Never throw it into the washing machine for washing. The rapid rotation of the washing machine will severely damage the socks, causing the socks to lose their elasticity and gloss.

If you want to wash in a washing machine, it is best to put the stockings in a gauze net bag, and then put it in the washing machine to wash them.

If you wash it by hand, don't rub it with hand soap or sprinkle it with washing powder. It is best to rub it gently with detergent. After washing the socks, try not to twist them hard, so as not to damage the fiber structure of the stockings and damage the stockings. Do not patch with adhesive plaster or sew with thread, as this will not only not work, but will destroy beauty.

Misunderstanding of long-socks

1. Long-socks, stockings, and fishnet stockings are all thigh stockings, but the long-socks are much larger in thickness and elasticity than the latter two. There is no direct relationship between the three.
2. over-knee socks≠long-socks. Knee socks include over-knee socks and long socks, where the long socks are longer than over-knee socks.

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