Choose the Style of Sock that Suits You

Details reveal taste, like a man walking in the fashionable street, even if the whole body wears again delicate, also arrive but the detail of a pair of socks can expose your taste completely, let this pair of small socks become the first step that you enter fashionable man. Below are 3 styles of socks for your reference.

1.A gentleman style

Every year the Pitti Immagine Uomo can always see some handsome middle-aged and young people in and out of the fashion street in succession, however, most of them to attend were gentleman style, thus you can see is the best standard for them to wear trousers for long stockings, socks and brunet department is tie-in pants and shoes, the choice of the security and insurance, formal grave there is no lack of fashion sense.

Of course, if you are familiar with the combination of socks, choose some colorful socks with patterns, dots, and plaid patterns, which can also increase your sense of fashion and add a touch of "flirty".For starters, opt for a safe diamond hose, which is dignified and appropriate, and work well with many suits and leather shoes, as well as being suitable for most social situations.

2.Sport style

From athletic style, the choice on sock can follow sex as far as possible a bit, according to integral style collocation chooses well. Sometimes all black, white, and gray, but with a pair of eye-catching socks on your feet, you can light up your overall style, relaxed and stylish; Also can choose and the clothing on the body has echoes of the color socks so that the overall style rich and complete; Although a lot of people think white socks are earthy and vulgar, for sports wind, white socks can highlight your clean and agile absolutely, white sneaker builds white socks, handsome your face.

It's worth noting, though, that white socks can be worn with any sporty outfit and shoe except a suit and leather shoe, which can reveal your old, tacky side.

3.Street style

The colorful socks of national style are the favorite of street skateboarders, and the socks they choose are generally long socks, with bright color and vitality. Have fashionable individual character and make public fashionable attitude extremely, roll up trouser leg, show a piece of flowery grain, start road comes, attract attention enough, what be worth noting is, once wore a pair of flowery socks, do not do too heavy and flowery modeling on other clothing again, avoid the feeling that gives a person dazzling.

No matter be black and white geometry socks, still be flowery colorful socks, regard the street as the most fashionable teenager of the tide, they always can look for a breach to be able to explain the Style that gives vogue and street small pair of socks.

As the style restoring ancient ways of these two years is popular, dazzle the modeling of color stocking + knacks, frequent appearances in the fashionable street, taking thick academy style, young restore ancient ways again, if you also are interested, might as well bold try.

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